POTD: Jägerbataillon 23 with Barrett M82A1 (.50 BMG)

    Photo Of The Day: Picking up or getting a delivery of a new firearm is always exciting. Here we witness the Hochgebirgs-Jägerbataillon 23 in Austria as they get their new Barrett M82A1 rifles in .50 BMG. This rifle is also used by the Austrian Army SF Jagdkommando.

    The 23rd Jäger Battalion is stationed in the Bludesch garrison, and they specialize in operations in high mountains and difficult terrain. Many of the soldiers have completed various alpine courses and are mostly trained mountain guides, mountain guide assistants, high alpinists, army ski instructors and flight rescuers.


    From the caption, machine-translated from German:

    Today the new heavy sniper rifles were presented to the battalion. This is a semi-automatic anti-material rifle in .50BMG caliber. In the English language, an anti-materiel rifle is a rifle that is used to fight lightly armored vehicles or opposing forces behind cover.

    The riflescope is made by Steiner. I guess it is a 5-25x56mm.


    The reticle is the MSR2, a very useful reticle. TFB has several articles on it if you want to learn more.

    Find the Barrett M82A1 here: https://barrett.net/products/firearms/model-82a1/

    Photo Source: Jägerbataillon 23. Photos by Lindner.