3D Printed Glock Backplates from Verex Tactical

    3D printed Glock back plate

    You may remember the Glock 34 Deadpool Edition or the Austrian Arms Space Predator Glock from VEREX Tactical in Austria? They have been tempting us with pictures of 3D Printed backplates for Glock pistols for a while, and now they are finally available.

    If you own a Glock pistol of Generation 1 to 5 of standard size then these backplates (or slide covers) should fit. If you own a slimmer Glock, like the Glock 43 they won’t.

    For about €65-70 they can be yours, and make your Glock look individual. If you want, they can also apply a layer of Cerakote of your choice.

    Here is an overview of the 3D (and 2.5D) Glock Backplates;

    From Verex Tactical:

    Finally our 3D metal Glock backplates (slide cover) are available in our webshop:

    The backplates (slide cover) are 3D laser printed metal parts with a black finish.
    The finish is partly removed from the 3D skull to give it a nice dual-tone.
    (on request we can apply any Cerakote color of our standard sortiment – therefore the delivery time will extend 1-2 weeks)

    Fits all Glock pistols Gen 1-5 (does not fit slim line Glocks like G43)

    Below: The 3D Glock Backplate Grave Skull Dual-Tone



    Below: The Sparta Backplate Black. Not sure what is Sparta about it?

    Verex Tactical on Instagram

    Shipping is from Salzburg in Austria. If shipped to a country outside the EU the price can vary through taxes and duties.

    You can find the Glock backplates in their webshop: https://www.verex-tactical.com/

    Another use of 3D Printed Metal is the Salen 3D Printed Titanium Compensator.

    What do you think? Is it something you would consider for your Glock?

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