POTD: The 1st of AUGtober – Sturmgewehr 77 A2

    Sturmgewehr 77 is the Austrian military designation for the Steyr AUG assault rifle, which replaced their license-built FN FAL in 1978. Here we can see the Jäger Battalion 25 using the StG 77, a photo well worthy to start AUGtober of 2021 and another month of our Photo Of The Day. Over the years there have been a few upgrades of the Stg 77. My best guess is that we’re looking at the StG 77 A2 version here, otherwise called Steyr AUG A3 SF just to make things more confusing. It features more Picatinny rails at 12 o’clock and on the right side of the receiver. It also has an external bolt release.
    The caption from the Austrian Bundesheer reads (machine translated):
    The soldiers of the Klagenfurt Jäger Battalion 25 trained at the Bruckneudorf military training area together with other infantry units of the Federal Army. The aim of this so-called “Force Integration Training”: To optimize the cooperation so that they can go on missions together from autumn onwards.
    The Steyr AUG is very compact, making entries like this easier.

    Some Concertina wire to keep intruders off.

    Photo Source: Bundesheer Facebook and their Flickr-Album where you can find more pictures and variants of the Steyr AUG. Photos taken by Rainer, Kreibich, Scharmüller and Steinberger.