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Gun cop

Police Shooting POV

Palestine Police Department has released body camera footage of Sgt. Green and Officer Griffin who were involved in a shooting of a suspect who pulled a gun. Warning, the video is graphic. Here is the footage from Sgt. Green’s camera. Looks like he might [Read More…]

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Rock Island Armory .22TCM (Reshoot)

So my first experience was not totally stellar with the RIA 22 TCM. Enough so that they wanted to know if I would be interested (and willing) in getting another one in for review. I was agreeable to that and they sent me a brand new one, still in the plastic wrap. I [Read More…]

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Glock 42 FDE

Glock 42 in Flat Dark Earth

Perhaps no gun color has caught on with the buying public quite like Flat Dark Earth (FDE.) FDE, and all of the other shades of brown currently being offered in the industry, have proved to be quite popular with many shooters. It is no surprise that firearms distributor [Read More…]

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