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Wilson Combat 1911 TNQ 9mm Frang HP Gel Block I am using this image because it's awesome.

Top 5 Guns With Cult Followings

Some guns just seem to attract the most ravenous fanboys. These fanatics collaborate and overtime form cult-like cells within the community of firearm enthusiasts. In this video we explore five firearms that have developed a fan base akin to cults, often bordering on outright religious behavior.

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Russian Belt-Fed Pistol

Unknown belt-fed pistol. Anyone read Cyrillic? Looks like it is a 7.62mm and possibly 20rd belt? I think the hook protruding out the back might be the charging handle? Is this pistol semi auto or manually actuated? Perhaps it is like a revolver and the trigger advances [Read More…]

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New Birchwood Casey Targets (Like Splatter? You’ll Love These.)

Target practice isn’t just fun, it’s a vital part of honing your marksmanship skills. Of course, target practice is a lot more interesting when the targets are more than plain white sheets of paper. Enter Birchwood Casey, the company whose Shoot-N-C targets [Read More…]

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Operating Systems 201: Rotary Locking

We introduced you to the concept of locking in a previous one of our 201-level posts on how firearms work, and today we’re going to talk about what has become the most common locking mechanism for rifles: Rotary locking. If to lock an action, you need to create [Read More…]

32 This short-recoil operated SIG P220 uses a tilting-barrel locking mechanism. You can see how the slide is prevented from moving rearward by the front surface of the barrel in this image. slides-for-glock-r 13355655_540686942805928_1382881758_n IMG_1226 First-Aid-medical-Supplies hqdefault

Steyr M9A1 Review

The Steyr M9A1 is “the other” striker fired, polymer pistol from Austria. This lesser known handgun is an often overlooked offering on the market, and by popular request we are going to give it a nice review here on TFBTV.

Marko Vukovic, Co-founder of HS Produkt (image source: 13407320_1239620452739543_1661668924303917899_n algore_regis Capture Image courtesy of C&Rsenal P1070430 NLmpDT6 Credit: HK VP9 FDE

HK Gets Its FDE On

Heckler & Koch (aka HK) is now offering VP9 and VP40 pistols with a flat dark earth (FDE) frame. The new colored frames are not simply finished in FDE, rather the plastic is properly tinted during the manufacturing process. This means the color will not flake, chip [Read More…]

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