Wheelgun Wednesday: Charter Arms Professional VI .357 Magnum 6-Shot

Adam Scepaniak
by Adam Scepaniak

We are back here for Wheelgun Wednesday once again covering the Charter Arms Professional series with only one revolver to go. This has been an interesting ride, to say the least. If you have been following along all of these weeks, you know what you may be in store for today. If you’re just tuning in, let’s try to catch you up to speed. This is a 6 gun grouping of revolvers that receives an extra special touch of attention and care from Charter Arms. While they carry the moniker of Professional, these are not military or police contract revolvers of any kind (that I am aware of). They are simply mindfully constructed wheelguns meant for concealed carry for the everyday enthusiast. These Charter Arms revolvers from their Professional series are chambered in either .32 H&R Magnum (which is a unique cartridge choice when they could have opted for .327 Federal Magnum) as well as .38 Special/.357 Magnum. Today, we will be covering the Charter Arms Professional VI as the final revolver in this wheelgun odyssey. Let’s dive in!

Wheelgun Wednesday @ TFB

Charter Arms Professional VI .357 MAGNUM/.38 SPECIAL

Being as this is the final Professional of 6, the Charter Arms Professional VI is going to share a lot of similarities to the first 5 that we have already covered. It is typically very small nuances that make each of these Professionals different and that is absolutely the case once again. You can check out all of the specs for the Professional VI below as presented by Charter Arms:

  • SKU: CH73546 | UPC: 678958735468
  • Family: The Professional Series
  • Model: Professional VI
  • Action: Double-Action (DA) | Single Action (SA)
  • Cartridge: .357 Magnum / .38 Special
  • Finish: Matte Stainless Steel
  • Frame: Steel
  • Grips: Black Rubber, Finger-Grooved Grip
  • Barrel: 4.2″ Matte Stainless Steel, Full Underlug
  • Overall Length: 7 13/16″ (7.8125″)
  • Cylinder: 6 Rounds | Matte Stainless Steel
  • Sights: Ramped, Serrated Stainless Front & Black Adjustable Blade Rear
  • Hammer: Standard, Exposed
  • Weight: 25 Oz.
Charter Arms Professional VI .357 Magnum 6-Shot - MSRP $555.80

The Charter Arms Professional VI, like the other Professionals, also comes with a Lockable Plastic Case, Owner’s Manual, and a Trigger Lock (pretty standard for most firearms nowadays). The current MSRP for the Charter Arms Professional VI is set at $555.80 (which is oddly specific and precise, but yet again, this falls in line with other MSRPs from the Professional series for its peculiarity).

What’s Unique About the Final Professional?… Charter Arms Professional VI .357 MAGNUM/.38 SPECIAL

One of the more obvious features of this revolver that is unique from the other Professionals is the adjustable rear sight. Most of the other models either have a Green LitePipe™ Fiber Optic Front and Integral Grooved Notch Rear, or some variation of fixed iron sights. So, having a Black, Adjustable Blade Rear even if its paired with a simple Ramped, Serrated Front is a nice touch. The Charter Arms Professional VI is also only 1 of 2 Professionals with a 4.2″ barrel (the only one to have a stainless 4.2″ barrel though; the other being blued).


This revolver is once again chambered in the venerable .357 Magnum chambering affording the shooter to also shoot the softer recoiling .38 Special if they so desire. The Professional VI also dons a set of rubber grips that we have seen on previous Professional models and a Matte Stainless Steel finish as well.


This is the part of the story where I make a sincere plea to Charter Arms on several fronts to help us out – the shooters, the wheelgun guys/gals, and the prospective owners – by providing us with more details. I have been covering the Professionals for six weeks now and these revolvers have little to no press or advertising behind them. In fact, for the Charter Arms Professional VI, I could only find 1 photo of this revolver. So, please Charter Arms!… Pump up the advertising. Give us more photos, more specs, and more details… get a savvy photographer in your media department and, sell us these revolvers! At the moment, we have shared everything with you that we know about the Professional VI as well as the other Professionals as this story is coming to a close.

Like I have stated in prior Wheelgun Wednesdays, I consider myself to be pretty in tune with the revolver market and I had no clue these Professional Series revolvers existed until roughly two months ago. Some lifestyle photos and more in-depth, nitty-gritty specs would be wonderful! The ball is in your court, Charter Arms.

All good things must come to an end, and so shall the Charter Arms Professional series. Between all 6 of The Professional revolvers that Charter Arms is crafting, you have the option of a .32 H&R Magnum or .357 Magnum for cartridge offerings with an array of aesthetics and smaller changes in surface features. Now, that we have covered all six of them, which one if your favorite? What do you think about all of them? Does this “Professional” series look interesting to you? Enough so that you’d be willing to purchase and carry one? As always, let us know all of your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

Charter Arms Professional VI .357 Magnum 6-Shot - MSRP $555.80
Adam Scepaniak
Adam Scepaniak

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  • Reazione Catena Reazione Catena on Apr 11, 2024

    The Charter Arms revolvers are still relatively inexpensive when compared to a Ruger, S&W or Colt revolver. I try and buy them used and you need to know what some of the ideocyncrasies are with these revolvers. If the cylinder is hard to open using the thumb release the issue is easily fixed. Look at a parts schematic for the CA revolver on GPC, Cylinder Latch Release Screw is the issue. They have a sloppy threaded fit in Cylinder Latch and they tend to run rearward after use. This makes opening the cylinger using the thumb latch difficult. The fix is easy, get an empty revolver and using a thin screwdriverback the Cylinder Release Screw out until it is about flush with the recoil plate, close the empty cylinder and see if the the thumb latch works as it should. Now, if it does, remove the Cylinder Latch Release Screw and apply some removable thread locker, screw the piece until it is where it worked well and let it cure for the recommended time. Ta Da!

  • Joe Schowalter Joe Schowalter on Apr 12, 2024

    That’s a 5 shot in the pictures. WTF?