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The top selling rifle in the USA.

surefire 100 round china ar15 reciever
IO Inc ar-15 lower

I.O. Inc AR-15 Lowers

I.O. Inc. is now making CNC machined AR-15 lowers.  According to I.O. Inc., the stripped lowers are made from a “solid block of billet aluminum” and accept “all Mil-Spec AR15 components and feature original Mil-Specs.” MSRP on the new lowers is [Read More…]

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captured m4

A Georgian Bushmaster M4

After the Russia-Georgia War of 2008, which if you recall lasted just over a week, the Russian military proudly displayed the remains of Bushmaster M4 rifles that they captured and destroyed. The M4 rifles has been part of a military aid package from the US Government. [Read More…]


Lanco Tactical Grip Stop

Lanco Tactical has developed a simple hand stop that cuts the difference in angle between a vertical foregrip and a grip like the Magpul AFG (Angled Fore Grip). It is selling for  $39.95. Lanco Tactical LLC is pleased to announce the Grip Stop™.  The Grip Stop™ [Read More…]

IMG_1096 HSP Thorntail Offset srs_01

Clear 80% AR-15 Lowers

It seems like a ton of new AR-15 lowers have been hitting the market over the past few months. From lightweight magnesium alloy lowers and polymer 80% lowers to jigless 80% lowers. In case you couldn’t get enough news about lowers here’s something new, EP [Read More…]

"Grab Mosin...go inna woods." Words to live by...

D-TR AR-15 Dual Trigger

Here’s something different for the AR-15, D-TR came up with a dual trigger system modeled after similar systems used on paintball guns. The D-TR kit features a 2.25lb pull weight on the lower trigger (no specific number on the top trigger) and is made out of [Read More…]