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The top selling rifle in the USA.

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Bird of Prey Compensator

The Bird of Prey Compensator is quite a different design from normal muzzle devices. Rather than being CNC lathed, this is made with milled out plates. The plates are stacked and provide more surface area for the muzzle blast to interact with. Mark [Read More…]

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dolos rail

Huntertown Arms Dolos QD Rail

Huntertown Arms is the maker of the Dolos. The Dolos is a quick detach barrel device. We posted an article about the Dolos here. Well Huntertown Arms showed off their new Dolos at the Big 3 East. They had modified their Dolos with a locking mechanism and a quad rail. No [Read More…]


POF Puritan 7.62×39

Patriot Ordnance Factory announced the addition of the 7.62×39 caliber to the company’s Puritan line of AR rifles. The new guns will use AR, not AK, style magazines. According to POF, the guns will shoot 1 MOA and will have all of the other premium features [Read More…]


Tresna JAG9 9mm Carbine

Tresna Defense has a 9mm carbine that comes in S&W M&P magazine platform. They already have a Glock version out and is available now as a rifle or pistol. If you are Law Enforcement, they make a full auto SMG. Jose Jaureguizar, the CEO of Tresna, brought out his [Read More…]

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