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The top selling rifle in the USA.


The SteyAR

A reader email us this photo that is supposedly of a prototype Steyr AR-15 called the SteyAR. Personally I think it looks like a photoshop, but is a nifty design nonetheless.


New AR-15 Rifles from Del-Ton

Delton has announced their new AR-15 rifles for 2013. The DTI Evolution is a sporting/3-gun rifle that features … 16” CMV chrome-lined, mid-length lightweight barrel and gas system; 1X9 twist HPT/MPI tested Carpenter 158 bolt Samson Evolution 12.37” free float [Read More…]


Rock River Arms KABOOM

RifleShooter had his Rock River Arms AR-15 go kaboom when he was shooting Ultramax remanufactured ammunition. RRA blamed the ammunition and replaced it at cost … The bolt carrier appears to have split, you will notice it protruding into the magazine well. On the [Read More…]


S.I. Fat Comp Muzzle Brakes

Strike Industries continue to release new products faster than I can blog about them. They have just introduced a range of funky looking muzzle brakes for AR-15 rifles. I especially like the triangular Fat Comp 01. The Fat Comp range are retailing for $40.



I don’t know where this photo originates from. [ Many thanks to Sven (Defence and Freedom) for emailing me the pic. ]


Trigger Guard Concept

Strike Industries asked me if I would be willing to post this sketch of a AR-15 trigger guard concept and ask the TFB audience what they thought of the idea. Sound off in the comments. I am happy to post product concepts on the blog for any gun company, as long as the [Read More…]