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The top selling rifle in the USA.

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Radical Firearms Adjustable Gas Block

AR retailers Radical Firearms recently released their new AR-15 .750 low profile adjustable gas block. It features a melonite coating and is made out of 4140 chromoly steel here in the USA. It adjusts up to full shutoff with zero bolt movement via a 10-32 setscrew with [Read More…]

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TangoDown BG-18 Reduced Angle AR Grip

TangoDown recently posted a picture on their Instagram page of their new BG-18 Reduced Angle AR Grip for the AR-15. Just like with the other grips in their lineup the new BG-18 grip is made in the USA and will also feature a non-slip texture and a rounded ergonomic [Read More…]

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Ghost AEGs

Ghost Gun Mistake Is Airsoft

WTVU News posted this video on their Facebook page. The problem is some of the footage they used is actually an airsoft gun. Someone at WTVU used a picture from KWA instruction manual of their AEG (Automatic Electric Gun) and animated it. The picture above, I [Read More…]

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The Jack from Sharps Brothers

Yo ho, yo ho, the Jack be right fer’ me! Shibber me timbers and rouse the first mate, “The Jack” from Sharps Brothers has made an appearance. For now, its just renderings and a 3-d printing, as formal pricing and availability will be announced on April [Read More…]

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