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The top selling rifle in the USA.


DesertTech Releases Several New Products at SHOT 2014

DesertTech, formally Desert Tactical Arms, of Utah has released several new rifles as well as a chassis system from the Remington 700.  Most of the buzz was around the MDR, DesertTech’s new modular, bullpup styled rifle design.  They are being released in .308 [Read More…]

Plinker Tactical SBR Colt LE6920

Colt LE6920s

Colt’s LE6920 is the company’s base lightweight law enforcement model. Like so many other products on display at SHOT, it comes in color schemes besides standard tactical black. LE6920MPATAC with Magpul MOE furniture in A-TACS camo: And the LE6920MP-USA in [Read More…]

The new Gemtech G-Core series GMT-300 suppressor for .300 BLK. BCM-twistygrip-TFB DPMS_GII-AP4_Right
Faxon ARAK-21

Faxon ARAK-21

Faxon Firearms is showing the new ARAK-21 uppers at the 2014 SHOT Show in Las Vegas.  The units are piston AR uppers designed to be used with any milspec lower.  The ARAK-21 has a folding charging handle (non-reciprocating) that can be user-located on the right or [Read More…]

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Colt SWORD: Bringing Guns, Android Phones and Drones Together

The Colt SWORD (Sniper Weapon & Observer Reconnaissance Devices) Technology Demonstrator connects a variety of COTS (Commercial Off-The-Shelf) and MOTS (Military Off-The-Shelf) components together into a deployable package. The system is hard to describe in a single [Read More…]

Nemo Pratka .300 Win Mag
FN's FN15 Carbine and Rifle

FN Decides to build ARs

Who would have ever guessed that FN would make the leap to manufacturing AR-15 based carbines and rifles? Seems like everybody is jumping on that bandwagon these days. Though they’ve produced the guns for quite a while, they’ve only had a few regular [Read More…]

Mega Arms Built In Level
FAB Defense GL-MAG with 10-round mag

FAB Defense GL-MAG Stock

The GL-MAG buttstock by FAB Defense incorporates an underside magazine carrier well that accepts standard AR mags. The magazine is centered in the stock and doesn’t interfere with positioning the gun on the shoulder. An ambidextrous quick-release button releases [Read More…]

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Magpul MIAD GEN 1.1 Grip

Magpul just announced their new MIAD (MIssion ADaptable) GEN 1.1 Grip. Available for both 5.56×45 (Type 1 kit) and 7.62×51 (Type 2 kit) rifles, it features both front ahd back interchangeable straps and is compatible with all Magpul storage grip cores. [Read More…]

DSC_0553 MR556-SD MR762A1-SD SIG 556xi Russian 7.62x39mm

CMMG Mk4 RCE Rifle

CMMG is offering a new AR-15 for 2014 called the Mk4 RCE.  The rifle will come with a variety of popular parts standard such as a Geissele Automatics SSA 2-stage trigger, Magpul CTR buttstock, MOE pistol grip and 30 round PMAG.  The rifle will be outfitted with a [Read More…]