SILENCER SATURDAY #78: Kurz; Mini; Short – More YHM Turbo K

    YHM Turbo

    Good afternoon friends and welcome back to our little silent safe haven for everything suppressor related. Following up on last week’s unboxing of the YHM Turbo K, we’ll get into some initial observations and a discussion on which host pairs best with a shorter silencer. Call them mini, kurz, or short, these silencers have a distinct roll in your collection and have been gaining market strength in recent years. My take is that because supersonic rifle rounds will be loud regardless of silencer design and size, a compact weapon deserves a compact can. However, another school of thought is that longer hosts can use shorter silencers to avoid becoming comically long. Luckily, with quick disconnect options, your K-sized silencer isn’t anchored to just one gun.

    But first, a bit of distasteful news. The American Suppressor Association sent out an en email blast about a certain governmental representative who introduced a bill to ban on suppressors in the United States. Our motto precludes me from discussing the topic further and I refuse to link to the actual video, but here’s a screen shot for your displeasure:

    In case you are wondering, the statements made were based on falsehoods and inaccuracies. Not that it matters in this day an age.

    SILENCER SATURDAY #78: Mini Rifle Cans – More YHM Turbo K

    Last week we unboxed the YHM Turbo K silencer, a 5.56mm mini can that weighs a hair over ten ounces in it’s direct thread configuration. As a disclaimer, Yankee Hill Machine sponsors TFB’s Silencer Saturday and has let me borrow the YHM Turbo K suppressor for the review, but none of the sponsorship money comes to me personally.

    I’ve had the opportunity to send a few rounds through the YHM Turbo K in three different barrel lengths: 10.3”, 12” and 18”. Unfortunately, I still don’t have a decibel meter to scientifically gather data, but I can give you my objective opinions.

    Short barrel supersonic rifles deserve short silencers. If you are going to sacrifice velocity for the sake of maneuverability, keep it that way. Especially when you consider powder burn and dwell time. Again, objectively, the barrel length sweet spot for a 5.56mm AR15 is right around 12”. Any shorter and you are increasing the amount of powder that burns after it leaves the muzzle of the gun. Any longer and you start to loose the compactness of a short barrel rifle.

    On the 10.3” barrel, the YHM Turbo K is fairly loud, as I had expected. I did remove my hearing protection for two shots to qualitatively judge the suppression levels. In defense of the YHM Turbo K, almost any can would sound loud with a similar barrel length host.

    The 18” barrel sounded great for the size of the silencer. I tried a few shots in this configuration and found the setup to be comfortable. There was no noticeable difference between a direct thread mount or the YHM Turbo K’s QD mounting system.

    The 12” barrel proved to b a nice combination of length and suppression.

    The Surefire RC2, left, the YHM Turbo K, middle, and the Energetic Armament Vox with the Q Plan B, right, for size comparison.

    The YHM Turbo K outfitted with the Q Plan B mount next to the Surefire Rc2.

    The YHM Turbo K outfitted with the Q Plan B mount attached to a Q Cherry Bomb.

    Always read your owners manual. *Cough* I do.

    We’ll close out the YHM Turbo K next week with some final thoughts. So far, at the sub-$400 price point, it exceeds my expectations for a modular mount Silencer with  minimal footprint.

    Also next week we will get some initial impressions on the new Dead Air Wolfman in 9mm.

    Have fun, be safe and we’ll see you next week for TFB’s Silencer Saturday.

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