Heckler & Koch USA – Limited quantity of MR566A1 upper kits for sale

    With the Heckler & Koch MR223 A3 (European version) being virtually impossible to source in Europe as the Heckler & Koch factory has chosen to focus on finishing Military and Law Enforcement orders it is interesting to see the MR556A1 Upper Receiver Kit on offer in the US webshop.

    If you wonder why the top image of the upper looks a bit strange, it’s because the HK upper has the (rather odd) Leuopold D-EVO sight mounted. Also note that the text says: “Heckler & Koch – Box of Space Magic”.

    Below: The European MR223A3 with 16.5″ barrel.

    Yes, for $1,999.00 the H&K MR556A1 Upper Receiver Kit can be yours. It is only available in limited quantities. How limited only H&K knows, but I wouldn’t hold on if I wanted one. Perhaps combine it with that Brownell’s HK416 lower?

    It includes the complete upper receiver and barrel assembly, the bolt carrier assembly, buffer, and buffer spring. According to H&K is allows most high-quality 5.56 mm AR-style rifles to be retrofitted to HK’s pusher rod system.

    Here’s what the MR556 upper includes – listed and pictured (sadly low-res):

    • Complete MR556 Upper Receiver/Barrel Assembly— HK 16.5 inch cold-hammer forged barrel, upper receiver with forward assist, extended convertible charging handle, HK Free Floating Rail System handguard
    • Complete MR556 Bolt Group Assembly
    • Tungsten Filled HK Proprietary Buffer
    • HK Proprietary Buffer (Action) Spring
    • NOTE: The MR556A1 Upper Receiver Kit is not classified as a firearm and can be purchased without a Federal Firearms License ( FFL).

    From the Heckler & Koch USA Twitter account (please don’t blame any spelling mistakes on me).

    We have a limmited quantity of MR566A1 kits for sale. Shipping straight to your front door! Order Here: https://us.hkwebshop.com/hkstorefront/hk/en/Rifle-Parts/Upper-Receiver-Parts/MR556-Upper-Receiver-Kit/p/81000077

    Please check TFB’s previous articles, on similar parts: BRN-4: Brownells’ HK416 Clone Lower And Parts Coming This Veteran’s Day & Brownell’s HK416/417 Parts Are HERE

    So I wonder how many that will be looking at the H&K USA webshop, doing this?

    There is, of course, a chance that these limited quantities will be sold out as this post goes live, but we tried to get it out as soon as we could.

    Eric B

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