Proof Feedback: Proof Research Carbon Fiber Barrels

    I have shot a few rifles with Proof Research Carbon Fiber barrels, and they are really good. The 6.5 Creedmoor I tried at 300 meters I only had to shoot 5 rounds with. As they were all dead center I thought more rounds downrange is just a waste, obviously, it has the accuracy and it’s up to the shooter.

    Another benefit, especially for competitors who move around a lot in a stage and shoot a lot off-hand, is that the CF barrels are lighter.

    It’s easy to focus on PR’s Carbon Fiber barrels, but their normal steel barrels are really good too.

    We probably don’t cover Proof Research enough here at TFB, but the barrel is the center and heart of any firearm. That’s one of the reasons why I took note of the 12 round accuracy test below and wanted to share it.

    From the Facebook post of Ståle Mulstad – Dynamic shooter (Norway) (pictures and text).

    Wanna be impressed?

    I got my first Proof Research Carbon Fiber wrapped barrel in the spring of 2016.
    I’ve since then changed barrels once a year, in the belief that it needed to be done.
    Not so much checking for actual loss of accuracy.
    More in the thinking of “with a new barrel, it’s all good…”

    Now, my oldest barrel is being used for short range practice, where it often runs very hot, and I’ve through the years put more than 14K rounds through it.

    Last weekend I started to check out some new loads, to be used in windy conditions and at long range. Using the Hornady 73 gr ELD, I couldn’t quite find the sweet spot with “normal loads”.

    I then decided to take my oldest barrel (with the earlier mentioned 14K+ rounds through it) and give it a good run with some JB polishing compound. You could feel the area from the start of the lands and about 4“ in being really rough, but I kept polishing until the barrel felt evenly smooth all the way through, when running a dry patch through it.

    Now, I know this is not going to be of much help over a longer period of time, but for the purpose of being a test barrel for SAAMI+ loads it should do the trick.

    And it did! The final load worked magic, it has approximately the same flight height as my regular loads with 50 and 53 Hornady V-MAX, all I need to account for is one click up and one right at 100 meters.

    Picture shows target set at 100 meters, and the hole is made out of 12 rounds.
    I’m impressed! Are you?

    I reached out to Mr. Mulstad to get some more details of his rifle and setup. His AR15 is made out of these parts: Mega upper, DPMS lower, Uronen Precision trigger, Zeiss V8 1.1-8×30 optics with Spuhr SLR mount and Titan gas block, TE-titan compensator and Master of arms carrier in Titan. The barrel is a Proof 18” 1-8.

    Below: He was kind to go home and arrange a picture for us.

    The picture below shows 12 rounds of 223 Rem at 100 meters in 28,77 mm or 1.13″.

    Actually it is less as I notice that the caliper is pretty far outside the bullet diameter in both dimensions.

    Bear in mind that the optics is only 8 power with a less than ideal reticle for precision shots.


    I think the accuracy is excellent! Especially from a barrel that has done around 14,000 rounds, I consider it very impressive. And at my shooting range we still have a lot of bolt-action shooters than think that any AR15 is inaccurate, I guess it depends!

    What do you think?




    For more information on Proof Research’s steel and carbon fiber barrels please check here.

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