DoubleStar Stronghold AR-15 Grips With G10 Panels

    DoubleStar Stronghold AR-15 Grips With G10 Panels

    DoubleStar has launched a new AR-15 pistol grip called Stronghold. What sets it apart from other grips is that the Stronghold has an aluminum core plate with G10 panels attached from either side – similar to what you often see in handguns. Let’s see what advantages can such a grip design provide.

    Here is how DoubleStar describes their new product:

    DoubleStar has taken pistol grips to the next level by combining durability and customization in one awesome package. Introducing the Stronghold Pistol Grip. This innovative design utilizes a lightweight, anodized aluminum frame and customizable textured G10 grip panels. The palm swell provides a secure but comfortable surface for the shooter’s hand even in gloves. The high-quality US made G10 panels round out the package with rugged style. Pair with the Stronghold MLOK G10 Panels to ensure you won’t drop your weapon when conditions are slippery.

    DoubleStar Stronghold AR-15 Grips With G10 Panels

    I think the ability to change the grip panels may become a handy feature if they release other grip panels with different shapes, dimensions, and textures. That could allow tailoring the grips to different applications (hunting, long-range shooting, competition, etc) thus making the lower receiver a bit more modular and adaptable for use with the myriad of upper receivers you probably have. Being able to change the color doesn’t seem to be a too useful feature unless you want to have properly colored grip for each season of the year. Lastly, this grip may be a desirable accessory for those of you who simply like the feel of G10.

    The dimensions and other specs of the DoubleStar Stronghold grip can be found below:


    • Weight with panels installed: 6.2 oz
    • Weight Core Only: 1.9 oz.
    • Weight Panels Each: 1.9 oz
    • Length: 3.75”
    • Width: 1.625”
    • Grip Core: 6061 Aluminum
    • Finish: Hard Coat Anodized
    • Panels: High Quality Textured G10

    The DoubleStar Stronghold pistol grip is listed on the company’s website at an MSRP of $99.99.

    Does this AR-15 grip design look appealing to you? Do you see benefits over standard AR grips? Sound off in the comments section.

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