Vehicle Based Weapons – The Thinking Behind Truck Guns


    In the last few years, there has been an increase in the number of people who carry “truck guns” or vehicle-based guns in everyday life. It can be tricky navigating certain laws when it comes to truck guns but we won’t get into the legality. Maybe I’ll dive deeper into the legality in a later blog, but for now, let’s focus on the overall concept.

    Whats a Truck Gun?

    So let’s start off with putting a definition on the term “truck gun.” To make things easy I consider everything that can’t be carried concealed on your person. This can be everything from a long barreled hunting shotgun, to an AR or AK Pistol with a brace. A general definition would be any type of weapon you keep inside your vehicle because of the size and weight constraints of concealed carry. There may be a number of applications but that’s a general example of a truck gun. 

    Traditional Roles

    Truck or vehicle-based weapons are not a new concept at all. Most people think of cowboys and ranchers out west with a lever action in the gun rack of their truck, but the gun industry is evolving the traditional idea of a truck gun. With a constant increase of people carrying firearms and taking personal safety more seriously, there has been an increase of people who decide to carry semi-auto rifles in their vehicle.

    Options for Personal Saftey 

    Personally, I think to have a larger rifle caliber weapon available if the situation calls for it is very important. Traveling with a truck gun is also an added bonus. With various state laws, it’s usually a good idea to have an AR or AK pistol. There have been a ton of different pistol braced guns out on the market lately. Having a truck gun can be a great asset when it comes to protecting yourself or loved ones. Companies like SIG Sauer, CMMG, and other companies are even developing and marketing certain guns for the truck gun market.

    My Rattler

    I will use as an example, the SIG Sauer Rattler. SIG released the Rattler for commercial use with a pistol brace installed. I will have a one year review of the SIG Rattler in the coming weeks, but this gun is a perfect example of what a truck gun could be considered. Truck guns are typically shorter, and lighter guns that have an optic with other accessories. They usually have a larger capacity as well, so all those factors can be beneficial in certain situations. The concept of a truck gun is for a person to have quick access to a capable firearm if it’s truly needed.

    Firearm Storage in Vehicles

    One factor people need to be thinking about is firearm storage in the vehicle if you plan on carrying a truck gun on a regular basis. There has been an increase in vehicle break-ins around the country, so having a plan to keep your truck guns safe is always a good idea. A ton of different companies have options for gun vaults in vehicles. One company that has a ton of different options of high-quality gun boxes or gun safes for your truck or SUV is called BOSS StrongBox. They build all steel gun vaults for vehicles and supply all the weapon lockers for border patrol and other agencies. I have one of their boxes in my truck and plan on writing a review on it in the coming weeks as well.

    Overall Thoughts 

    Truck guns are not a one-stop solution for every situation, but rather another tool at your disposal. If you have a vehicle-based engagement it’s going to still be faster to draw your pistol for those engagements. A truck gun can be a huge benefit and force multiplier in certain situations. These could be in an active shooter event or a situation where there are multiple threats coming after you. Like everything else in life, truck guns aren’t a solution for every situation, but rather is another tool you have at your disposal. As always, if you guys have questions or comments please feel free to leave a comment or email me. I appreciate you checking out our blogs and be safe!

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