Stern Defense Hybrid 2 Stage (H2S) AR-15 Trigger

    Stern Defense Hybrid 2 Stage (H2S) AR-15 Trigger (1)

    Stern Defense has introduced a drop-in AR-15 trigger called Hybrid 2 Stage (H2S). It is designed to be an intermediate solution between competition and combat triggers. According to the company, the Hybrid 2 Stage trigger is “developed with pistol caliber carbine and defensive shooters in mind” and “has endured a 250,000+ round torture test without failure”.

    Stern Defense Hybrid 2 Stage (H2S) AR-15 Trigger (1)

    The Stern Defense Hybrid 2 Stage trigger comes as an assembled unit. All you need to install it is to drop it into the trigger mechanism compartment of the AR-15 lower receiver and fix it in place via the provided anti-walk hammer and trigger pins. The pin sizes are mil-spec which should allow you to use other AR-15 pins, too. The housing of the Stern Defense H2S trigger is machined out of 6061 aluminum. The trigger and disconnector are made of A2 tool steel and the material used for making the hammer is the S7 steel.

    Stern Defense Hybrid 2 Stage (H2S) AR-15 Trigger (3)

    In the Default (Duty) Configuration, when the duty disconnector spring is installed, the H2S is a two-stage trigger with a 2 lb first stage followed by a 4 lb second stage trigger pull weight. In this mode, the trigger is suitable for use in PCCs. According to Stern Defense:

    With our duty spring in place, long gone are the days of inadvertent bump fires and failure to reset concerns so common in the PCC market when using a drop in trigger.

    By swapping the duty spring with the provided green-colored disconnector spring, you can convert the Hybrid 2 Stage trigger into the Precision Configuration. Here is how they describe this configuration:

    Using our trigger on a rifle caliber? Want to step down the poundage?  Follow the included instructions to easily swap to our 3 pound green spring for the most solid wall and light break you have ever felt on a two stage trigger.

    The company also notes that the lighter Precision Configuration (with the green spring) is not recommended for use in PCCs.

    The Stern Defense Hybrid 2 Stage trigger is listed on the company’s website at an MSRP of $137

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