ODIN Works Adjustable AR Buffers Now Available

    New ODIN Works Adjustable AR Buffers Now Available (1)

    Introduced at SHOT Show 2019, ODIN Works adjustable AR buffers are now available for purchase. These buffers come with a set of weights and allow to relatively quickly and easily adjust the overall weight by installing a proper combination of steel, aluminum or tungsten weights.

    New ODIN Works Adjustable AR Buffers Now Available (2)

    Now, of course, you can replace the weights in any standard AR-15 buffer but it will require using a punch and hammer to remove the polymer tip first. As you can see in the images, the ODIN Works adjustable buffer is constructed differently. There is a large set screw in the front of the buffer retained by another smaller set screw from the side. This system allows accessing the weights from the end facing the BCG. According to ODIN Works, the advantage of their system is that instead of using a hammer and a punch you can get access to the weights much easier by using the provided hex wrenches.

    The ODIN Works adjustable buffers are available in four different options – two for the AR-15 (lightweight and heavy), one for the AR-10 and one for the 9mm AR-based PCCs.

    The two AR-15 buffers come with one tungsten, three aluminum and three steel weights. The only difference between these two is that the actual buffer body of one of them is made of aluminum and the other one is a stainless steel buffer. The AR-10 buffer is the short one and it comes with one steel, one aluminum and one tungsten weights. And lastly, the PCC buffer is shipped with three tungsten, one steel and one aluminum weights. Here is a chart showing the possible buffer weights that can be achieved using different combinations of internal weights.

    New ODIN Works Adjustable AR Buffers Now Available (3)

    Below you can also find a video telling more about these adjustable buffers.

    The ODIN Works adjustable AR buffers are listed on the company’s website at MSRPs of $64 for the PCC buffer and $49 for all other options.

    Images by ODIN Works

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