Matador Arms REGULATOR Adjustable Port Muzzle Brake

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    Matador Arms has released a quite an interesting new muzzle brake called Regulator. At first glance, this new muzzle device may look like a generic three-port brake, however, if you take a closer look, you’ll see that it almost looks like there are two brakes installed into each other. Let’s see what advantages such design provides.

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    Matador Arms calls the Regulator an adjustable port muzzle brake which is a pretty accurate description. Its design allows adjusting the size of the ports thus allowing to regulate the amount of upward and sideway redirected gasses. Here is how the company describes its new product:

    The Regulator is the first of its kind muzzle device, allowing shooters to effectively manage muzzle blast and recoil without any tools or downtime. The most versatile and adaptable brake on the market, the Regulator has 60+ engaged settings between fully open and fully closed.  Each setting is easily chosen by the user, by simply clicking the locknut at the front of the brake. The Regulator allows shooters to manage muzzle blast and recoil reduction to suit their needs.

    Triple chambered for high efficiency, when open, the Regulator’s vertical ports reduce muzzle climb, allowing for extremely fast follow-up shots.  When closed, gases are forced forward, away from the shooter.

    Here is also a video showing how to adjust the port sizes of this muzzle device.

    The Regulator muzzle brake is machined out of 4140 steel and features a nitrided surface treatment. It has an overall length of 3.6″, an outside diameter of 1.08″ and weighs 6.8 oz. The Regulator is available in one of the following caliber and thread pitch options: .223/5.56 (1/2x28TPI), .308/7.62 (5/8x24TPI) and 9mm (1/2x28TPI). Later, a 6.5mm (5/8x24TPI) version will be added, too.

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    Matador Arms Regulator adjustable muzzle brake is available for preorder at an introductory discounted price of $199.99. The regular MSRP will be $219.99. The estimated start of shipping is late June 2019.

    Images courtesy of Matador Arms

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