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Ray is an online marketer who got his start in the auto industry taking pictures and writing about cars. A long time gun enthusiast and blogger, his daily firearms musings can be found over at his gun blog

barrel-porting-fail ca-ar-pistol

Radical Firearms CA Compliant AR Pistols

Primary Arms, a company responsible from separating me from lots of my money, has a great deal for Californians who want to get an AR15 pistol before the Single Shot Exemption ban takes place next year. They’re selling complete Radical Firearms AR15 pistols in [Read More…]

warfytr-magpul Blitzkrieg-Components-Chevron-Night-Sight warfairy-ar-rifle

WarFairy Charon 3D Printed AR15 Lower

Remember the WarFairy 3D printable AR lowers we posted a while ago? (You can see them here and here). Well it looks like someone actually made one, and test fired it too. It didn’t go too smoothly however, check out the creators notes and video below. These [Read More…]


Bubba’d Mosin Nagant Spotted in Syria

Check out this hack job used by a rebel fighter against ISIS in Syria. He probably picked it up over on GunBroker. Proper cheek weld, what’s that? Over a hundred years later and the venerable old Mosin Nagant is still seeing action. Click Here to see the [Read More…]

p-51-mustang talo-ruger-1022 kalashnikov-concern-logo-new 308_ss_upper_with_bcg glock-3d-printed-light Image enhanced-ak-magwell