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Chiappa Rhino Kaboom

The Chiappa Rhino may not be everyone’s cup of tea but it sure is unique. It’s odd look comes from the fact that it fires from the bottom chamber to help reduce felt recoil. Earlier this year fellow TFB writer James Reeves reviewed the Chiappa Rhino 200D [Read More…]

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New Holosun HS510C Solar

The up and coming budget priced optic makers Holosun will soon be releasing their first open flex sight the HS510C. You can keep the HS510C on all the time because it’s powered by a solar cell with backup power from a CR2032 battery during low light conditions. [Read More…]

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The Palm Carbine

Remember the good old Palm Pistol from Constitution Arms? We posted about it way back in 2008, what the heck is it you ask? It’s basically a single shot self defense gun that was designed to be easy to shoot for those who might have issues with dexterity or grip [Read More…]

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