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Ray is an online marketer who got his start in the auto industry taking pictures and writing about cars. A long time gun enthusiast and blogger, his daily firearms musings can be found over at his gun blog

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Radical Firearms New 6.8 SPC ARs

Radical Firearms out of Stafford, Texas has been making a name for themselves over the past few years with their affordable line of AR-15s and gun parts. Last year they debuted their integral 10/22 suppressor systems and their budget priced adjustable AR-15 gas blocks. [Read More…]

m3-grease-gun beck-drum-mag

.510 Beck AR Drum Mag

What in the heck is a .510 Beck you ask? The .510 Beck is a big straight walled cartridge that was developed by Beck Defense, it is compatible with .308 platform AR-10 lowers but it needs a different bolt, barrel and magazines to function. They’ll be available in [Read More…]

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M3 Grease Gun Turned into Police Dept

A Redditor posted recently about an M3 Grease Gun that someone found in their attic that was turned into the local police department. Don’t worry though, the department is trying to find a museum to take it so it doesn’t end up melted down. somebody found [Read More…]

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