[SHOT 2020] MagPump AK-47 and Pistol Mag Loaders

    Magpump Pistol Mag Loader

    [SHOT 2020] MagPump AK-47 and 9MM Pistol Mag Loaders

    Loading mags are a pain, there’s no doubt about that. There’s a bunch of various pistol and rifle magazine loading contraptions out on the market, but most of them require you to load or align the ammo a certain way before you can push them into the magazine. Not with the MagPump, you simply load your magazine into it, drop ammo into the top, then pump away.

    We first reported on the MagPump back in 2016. Their first product was for AR-15 magazines and they’ve since released a 9mm version. Their newest version is for AK-47 magazines.

    MagPump AK-47 Loader

    Their new AK loader is compatible with all AK-47 mags and has a 65 round capacity. It also has built-in safeties to prevent any damage to the rounds while loading. The polymer version retails for $149.99 while the CNC machined aluminum billet Elite model retails for $399.99.

    Using the MagPump is super quick and simple. Just insert the magazine, load ammo into the hopper, and pump the handle.  See it out in action below:

    Magpump Pistol Mag Loader

    For more info check out MagPump.com.

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