[SHOT 2021] AR-15 Mag Dispenser from Mag Storage Solutions

    Remember our backpack magazine dispenser post¬†from a while back? Well here’s another magazine for your magazines, this time around it’s from the folks over at Mag Storage Solutions. They have a cool giant wall-mounted Pez dispenser for AR-15 magazines that they are debuting at SHOT Show 2021 On Demand.

    Magazines load via the top of the dispenser, up to 17 steel mags or 16 polymer Magpul PMAGs can be loaded into the dispenser.

    Mag Storage Solutions is known for their handy wall and safe-mounted pistol and rifle holders. Their new AR-15 Magazine Dispenser is made out of 16 gauge powder-coated steel and can hold up with 17 steel or aluminum AR mags, or 16 polymer Magpul PMAGS, giving you up to 510 rounds of .223/5.56 ammo at your disposal. You can mount the dispenser right onto your wall via wall studs, or onto your gun safe via a magnet mounting pack that Mag Storage Solutions sells separately.

    Mag Storage Solutions

    Magazines are dispensed from the bottom of the dispenser.

    The AR-15 Magazine Dispenser by Mag Storage Solutions is a heavy – duty solution to store and rapidly dispense 30 round AR-15 magazines.

    – 16 Gauge powder coated steel
    – Holds 17 steel/aluminum mags or 16 MagPul Pmags (Up to 510 Rounds of .556 ammunition)
    – Mounts to a wall stud using the two center holes (top and bottom)
    – Mounts to a thick steel surface (gun safe) utilizing a Mag Storage Solutions PZD-15 Magnet 8 pack (sold separately)
    – Steel/Aluminum mags – can be oriented in the same direction
    – Polymer mags – we recommend alternating the orientation of the magazines to face left and right as they – are inserted into the unit to prevent uneven stacking due to variances in the base plate dimensions.
    – Magazines not included
    – Dimensions: 11″ wide x 19″ tall x 5″ deep
    – Weight: 11 1/2 pounds empty, 38 pounds loaded with 510 rounds

    The AR-15 magazine dispenser retails for $175.99. Check them out over at magstoragesolutions.com.

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