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Prototype Guns Seen at SHOT Show 2022 (1) [SHOT 2022] New Air Gun Models From Umarex [SHOT 2022] New Products From Strategic Armory Corps [SHOT 2022] New AR-15 Models From Anderson Manufacturing [SHOT 2022] The 44 Auto Mag Makes an Appearance at Industry Day [SHOT 2022] Warne Expands Product Line To Include Holsters [SHOT 2022] The DVG-1 And CPX-1 Gen 3 From SCCY [SHOT 2022] The Mec-Gar Magazines Update [SHOT 2022] The New Meopta MeoSport R Budget Scope first spear SILENCER SATURDAY #211: SHOT Show 2022 Suppressor Preview TFB/TFBTV, AllOutdoor, And OutdoorHub @ 2022 Industry Day At The Range BREAKING NEWS: SIG Sauer Will Not Attend SHOT Show 2022 Corner Shot Scorpion

[SHOT 2021] Peek-A-Boo! The Silver Shadow Corner Shot Scorpion

The ability to shoot from behind cover is pretty cool. More importantly, it can keep you alive. With good ol’ fashioned Israeli engineering, the CornerShot made this a real possibility. Extending the reach of the famous CornerShot, Silver Shadow Israel has [Read More…]

[SHOT 2021] SmartGunz Announce RFID-Enabled 9mm Sentry Pistol GEN5 Magwell

[SHOT 2021] New from Strike Industries – GEN5 Magwell for Glock G5 19/23

When the Gen5 Glocks were announced, reactions were a mixed bag. Some people welcomed changes like the flared magwell, while others either didn’t want it or thought it wasn’t enough. Well, for the people who wanted more flare in their lives, a new option now [Read More…]

SHOT Show On Demand - TFB Coverage Of The The Industry’s Biggest Event TNVC to host virtual Shooting, Hunting, Outdoors, & Tactical Tele-Event, or vSHOTT event in January 2021. Thanks A Lot Corona: 2021 SHOT Show Cancelled SHOT Show 2021 will feature plenty of hand sanitizer, thanks to a new sponsorship from Otis Technologies.