[SHOT 2024] PSA Displays Wide Range Of New Guns And Prototypes

Daniel Y
by Daniel Y

Palmetto State Armory (PSA) had a ton of new things in their main booth at SHOT Show 2024. Some are in production now, while others are merely concepts at this time. Let’s take a little virtual tour through those items.


New Guns

The following guns are all planned for production, but availability timelines differ greatly.

Sabre Super SASS

In keeping with the trend of kinda-clone rifles, PSA has a version of the M110A3 upgrade package. It features an MLOK handguard, B5 stock, and Law Tactical folding stock adapter.


All of those “Where Krink” posts have been answered. PSA is rolling out models chambered in 5.56 NATO soon, both in traditional and modernized styles.

Sabre Dagger

The Sabre iteration of the Dagger adds features like camo Cerakote, an aluminum flat-face trigger, and laser stippling.

Sabre Micro

The Sabre Micro takes the same feature set and puts it into the 43X-size gun.


This is not a production gun yet, but it is in the works. This is not the exact gun shown at the SHOT Show last year, but is a new gun. It took some time to set up the machinery to make this gun at PSA’s facility, but that process is coming along now.


No, this is not really a gun, but PSA’s line of AAC ammo continues to grow. A steel-cased 7.62×39 load was on display, but there is no hard ETA on when it will be in full production.

Concept Guns

PSA has a whole slate of concept guns. They are seeking feedback from the public to help figure out which ones interest the most people. There is a survey on the PSA website if you want to share your opinions on that matter.


This one was quickly dubbed the “MP7 at home” by the internet. What it actually is is a development of the Rock pistol. It is adapted to use a rear charging handle, and it is displayed with 40-round extended magazines.


That’s right, they made a Jakl bullpup. This conversion is compatible with multiple barrel lengths.

.308 Jakl

This one is pretty self-explanatory, it is a Jakl that hit the gym and bulked up. This model has a pinned and welded 13.7-inch barrel.


This 37mm flare launcher adds M203 vibes to a clone build without the regulatory burden of a destructive device. I did ask about 40mm barrels for those wishing to construct a DD, and there are no plans to do that at this time.


Possibly the most unexpected concept gun was the Vuk. It is a sort of AKV-521 but built with Jakl parts. This has a special Keymo muzzle device from JMAC that looks like a clone but will attach to popular silencers. The folding stock mechanism is built into the receiver rather than being part of the stock.

570 Shotgun

This is another unexpected design. It places the pump release on the right side of the receiver where the trigger finger sits naturally when it is not on the trigger. The barrel and magazine tube can be changed to any length because the magazine tube tightens as the receiver rather than the front like most shotguns. An integral red dot mounting point sits on top of the receiver.

Emerge Bolt Action

The Emerge is a Remington 700-footprint action with a Remage-style barrel nut for easy barrel changes. PSA displayed standard models and Sabre models within the Emerge family.

There are a few more concept guns that I did not get to, but you can see the others on the PSA survey page. Make sure you enter your votes for the three you most want to see on the market.

Daniel Y
Daniel Y

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