Harrington & Richardson Releases New Braced Retro Pistols

Daniel Y
by Daniel Y

Palmetto State Armory’s sub-brand Harrington & Richardson has a pair of new retro pistols for sale. These new models feature an arm brace that mimics the look of the classic CAR-15 stock while still being intended for single-handed use. It is adjustable for the length of pull and has a QD sling cup in the rear of the brace for shooting with sling tension.


The new arm brace design has a QD sling cup and slots for a web sling, both designed to allow an extended sling-supported one-handed firing position.

The two new H&R pistols are classic designs that many of us have wanted for years. First up is the “ TIA” (“This Is Africa”) clone, which mimics the AR-15 configuration used in the climax of the classic film Blood Diamond. It has a 10-inch barrel with a 1:7 twist and a flash hider can. This configuration was also seen in the film adaptation of Black Hawk Down. Rounding out this pair of retro pistols is the 635, which takes its name from the Colt SMG series. It is a 9mm with a 10.5-inch barrel and A1 upper. It feeds from the classic 9mm Colt stick magazines derived from Uzi magazines.

Both the TIA and 635 retail for $1,149 and are in stock at PSA as of writing. Cosmetic blem models are also for sale for $50 less.

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From the manufacturer:

The H&R Retro 635 9mm Pistol is bringing the 80’s back! Styled after the original AR SMG, and while it’s compatible with all Colt style magazines, ASC and Metalform are recommended. This pistol features the new H&R “HAR-15” Pistol brace that keeps your retro build compliant while maintaining the classic aesthetic.


The H&R TIA Pistol features our “Special Forces COTS” M16A2 lower, M16A2 upper, and pencil
profile barrel to make this a light, handy pistol perfect for adventurers in the jungle, hunting, or
general plinking. The combination of 1/7 twist barrel and A2 sights allow you to sling heavy bullets at
longer ranges. Now you can have an off the shelf “Blood Diamond” clone.

This pistol features the all new Harrington & Richardson “HAR-15” Adjustable Pistol Brace. This brace will keep you compliant while maintaining the classic aesthetic.

All images from Palmetto State Armory

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