Springfield Adds TRP, 2020 Waypoint & Redline to FIRSTLINE Program

Adam Scepaniak
by Adam Scepaniak

If you are in law enforcement, someone with a medical profession, or a similarly related field of work, Springfield Armory sees you and is thankful for your service. That is the basis of the FIRSTLINE Program. To give back to those who support our communities the most. To bolster the discounts they are offering to “first line” workers, they have added in 3 new firearms with the inclusion of the 1911 TRP, Model 2020 Waypoint, and Redline rifle.

Springfield Armory @ TFB:

FIRSTLINE is open to a wide range of qualified professionals. The program offers a select listing of Springfield Armory firearms at discounted pricing in a simple, streamlined process as a way of giving back to those who support and serve us in varying capacities in everyday life. The following is a listing of the individuals who qualify for the Springfield Armory FIRSTLINE program:

  • Sworn Law Enforcement Officers (active and retired)
  • EMT’s, Fire Fighters, Volunteer Fire Fighters and Paramedics
  • Military personnel including Reservists and National Guard (active and retired)
  • Honorably Discharged Veterans
  • Corrections Officers, Parole and Probation Officers
  • State Licensed Armed Security Officers employed by State-Licensed Companies
  • Commercial Pilots and Federal Flight Deck Officers
  • Court Judges and Prosecutors
  • LE Academy Cadets

Geneseo, Illinois – February, 2024 – Springfield Armory® is proud to announce that FIRSTLINE, which supports those who serve both our nation and its citizens through discounts on a select line of products, has added several new firearms to the program.

New to FIRSTLINE are the popular TRP™ series of pistols, as well as the bolt-action Model 2020 Waypoint and Redline rifles. Along with these newest additions, the FIRSTLINE program also offers a wide range of firearms from the SAINT, Hellion, M1A, Echelon, Hellcat, 1911, 1911 DS Prodigy and XD families. All pistols offered through the program come with three magazines.

“Springfield Armory is extremely proud to be able to offer these new firearms as part of this program to support America’s first responders,” says Phil Rawlings, Vice President of Sales and LE for Springfield Armory. “These brave individuals make sacrifices every day for all of us, and we want to do our part to help protect and support them.”

There are many quality manufacturers on the firearm landscape that also offer 1st Responder, Law Enforcement, and/or Military discounts, but what Springfield Armory is seeking to do is offer the most simple and non-cumbersome program possible. Rather than involving complicated rebates or post-purchase processes, FIRSTLINE is designed to be dealer direct with immediate discounts and offerings. Qualified users can simply visit one of nearly 200 authorized dealer locations nationwide and purchase the firearm of their choice. As always, let us know all of your thoughts about Springfield Armory, their FIRSTLINE Program, and your favorite Springfield firearm in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

Adam Scepaniak
Adam Scepaniak

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  • Beju Beju on Feb 13, 2024

    "Exclusive discounts for those who serve!"

    ... and since SA doesn't enforce MAP like Glock, any random person willing to check prices on Wikiarms or who has an FFL willing to make deals.