The UXR Modular Rifle By PWS: Now Shipping to Dealers

Matthew Moss
by Matthew Moss
The UXR Modular Rifle By PWS: Now Shipping (PWS)

Announced at SHOT Show 2024, Primary Weapons Systems’s User Xchange Rifle or UXR is now shipping to dealers. The rifle will be available in .308, .300BLK and .223 Wylde chamberings. PWS explain that the UXR’s key feature is “The upper receiver of the UXR is the only serialized part of the setup, enabling the shooter to easily transition from configuration to configuration, caliber to caliber.” MSRP for the new rifles will be $2,650.

Primary Weapons Systems @ TFB:

The UXR Modular Rifle By PWS: Now Shipping (PWS)
The User Xchange Rifle in .308 Winchester

The infographic below explains the UXR’s features further:

The UXR Modular Rifle's features (PWS)

Here’s what Primary Weapons Systems have to say about the User Xchange Rifle:

PWS (Primary Weapons Systems) is proud to announce that the newest product in the PWS portfolio, the UXR (User Xchange Rifle), is now shipping to dealers across the United States. This rifle, previously introduced to the public at SHOT Show 2024, allows for revolutionary, unparalleled modularity. The UXR platform is currently available in .223 Wylde and 300 BLK with a .308 caliber option to follow shortly.

The true innovation in the UXR platform lies in the patent-pending Xchange system. The upper receiver of the UXR is the only serialized part of the setup, enabling the shooter to easily transition from configuration to configuration, caliber to caliber. The UXR also features an incomparable look and feel – combining functionality, ergonomics, and aesthetics into one platform. Adaptability is the core principle of the UXR, showcased in its many customizable features such as an adjustable buttstock that can fold left or right, an adjustable cheek plate, and ambidextrous-able selector switch, magazine release and even the charging handle. The UXR platform also features a proprietary internal operation, or a “modified long-stroke piston system”, allowing the rifle to adapt and perform flawlessly with any UXR barrels regardless of caliber. This allows the user to swap calibers and barrels without needing to adjust the gas system each and every time. The newly designed Bore Evacuator reduces back pressure, especially when a suppressor is being used, making the UXR the perfect platform for suppressed shooting.

Check Prices on PWS UXR Rifles

The UXR Modular Rifle in .300BLK (PWS)

For more information on the Primary Weapons Systems User Xchange Rifle, head to

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  • Bad_shot Bad_shot on May 29, 2024

    Not going to sell at $2650, sorry! I get it, to develop and make stuff at PWS's quality takes time and money. You're just not going to beat the AR in 2024! The "switching calibers" marketing is just dumb! No one's switching calibers that much, and if they were? shit, two full AR's cost less, an AR with extra upper costs wayyy less. Fail from the start

  • Jabroni1kenobi Jabroni1kenobi on May 30, 2024

    Very cool, but this action length conversion concept didn't sell when Colt did it 12 years ago for much cheaper, and it won't sell now. People just like cheap AR-15s and owning 2 rifles instead of one.

    Unfortunate, but true.