[SHOT 2023] The SHOT Show Retro Roundup

Daniel Y
by Daniel Y

One of my favorite stories to write each SHOT is a summary of all things throwback. The Retro Roundup gives me an excuse to snoop around the show looking for anything new in the world of the old. This year’s offerings were so plentiful that I split the article into two parts. This is the non-AR portion. Here are a few of the standouts from SHOT Show 2023.

[SHOT 2023] The SHOT Show Retro Roundup


One of the biggest surprises this year was the 80X. This modernized 80-series pistol brings the Cheetah family into the modern era with optics compatibility, an accessory rail, and the option for a tactical FDE finish. Is it really Retro? It’s close enough for me. TFBtv obtained some early access to a prototype model and James got more details at Beretta’s range day.
[SHOT 2023] The Beretta 80x is designed for carry and was shown with an IWB holster.
Another retro legend is the Manurhin MR-73, imported by Beretta. Both the 4″ Gendarmerie and 6″ Sport models were on display. The MR-73 has a reputation as both a hand-fitted masterpiece of firearm craftsmanship and an absolute tank of a gun. It also has the distinction of being the sidearm of choice for France’s elite GIGN. Beretta’s booth staff begged me not to hype this gun up more because they can’t meet demand as is, but it is too cool not to talk about. Go watch James’ video review then call your local gun store and ask them to get one for you.
[SHOT 2023] Four MR73 revolvers in one place were quite a sight.

Palmetto State Armory

One other interesting tidbit was the possibility of a new production M1 Garand. When JSE (the holding company that owns PSA and H&R) bought the H&R assets, a technical data package (TDP) for the Garand was included. H&R has all of the diagrams and data to produce their own. There are no firm plans or dates yet, but it is still an exciting possibility for the future.
PSA also introduced its Battlefield line of firearms, with the STG44 being the first gun in that lineup. Hop’s video on it has been the most popular SHOT Show video to date, and every time I walked by the PSA booth there was a crowd around the gun.
[SHOT 2023] PSA Battlefield STG44 clone
[SHOT 2023] Yes, it is threaded


Turkish manufacturer Tisas (imported by SDS) had an interesting clone of the classic Beretta Cheetah on display. The Fatih 13 is already on the market but in a less retro model. Swapping out the black plastic grips for wood does add some panache. Their staff also mentioned that a threaded barrel model is on the way.
[SHOT 2023] Tisas Fatih 13, now with wood grips and some retro styling


Noted FAL manufacturer DSA had a special G-series reproduction model on display. Their goal was to get as close as possible to the first FALs imported to the United States. It has wood furniture, the classic long flash hider, and the markings are color filled instead of simple relief cuts. DSA said this model was “coming soon” so there is no definite release date yet. James took a look at this model so check out his video for more details.
DSA also had an SA-58 in a quasi-Rhodesian camo pattern. This is not exactly true to the originals but it is close enough for many people. This is a Cerakote finish rather than the reappropriated vehicle paint used on the actual guns. I also asked about non-bipod handguards (which would be more correct for this gun) and I was reassured that they know there is demand for those.
[SHOT 2023] DSA G-series clone
[SHOT 2023] SA58 Bush Tracker


Rhineland had two models of firearms that could be of interest to retro enthusiasts. Their FG-9 carbine is a 9mm version of the FG-42. It feeds from the left side just like the original gun but from AR 9mm SMG magazines. And yes, a Glock magazine adapter is coming soon. Also, TFB has the exclusive inside scoop that a 5.7x28mm version is in the works as well. So you will soon be able to have a miniature bottleneck cartridge for your miniature FG-42.
There are two models of FG-9, the standard model which takes its design cues from Version 2 FG-42, and the Alpine model. The standard version has a 16.25″ barrel which is threaded 1/2×28″. The shorter alpine version has an integral muzzle device that is permanently attached for compliance.
[SHOT 2023] Rhineland FG-9 standard (top) and alpine (bottom)
The other Rhineland product of interest for fans of obscure guns is the R-2000 chassis kit, which sets up an AR-15 to mimic the Walther WA-2000. It is compatible with any caliber that fits in a standard AR receiver, and there are plans for an AR-10 model. Check out my write-up here for more info on the R-2000 and FG-9.
[SHOT 2023] Rhineland R-2000
[SHOT 2023] Rhineland R-2000


PTR is one of the most prominent players in the roller-delayed landscape, and their PTR 63 turned some heads. It is a sort of modernized G41 which feeds from STANAG/AR-15 magazines. This is still a preproduction model so it is not finalized, but it is absolutely derived from G41 DNA. You can read more about it here or check out video coverage here.
[SHOT 2023] PTR 63
[SHOT 2023] This preproduction gun has a very stout brass deflector


Dragunov rifles are hard to find on the US market, but they are about to be a little easier thanks to B&T’s efforts to import the FEG model. The first batch is already here and they have started showing up at dealers. While they are not cheap, they are at least available for the dedicated collector. James took a closer look so be sure to watch his video if you are dying to get your hands on one.
[SHOT 2023] B&T-imported FEG Dragunov

Zenith Firearms

Zenith used to import MKE roller-delayed builds but is now building their own MP-5-style guns in-house. Along with more ZF-5 variants (like a K-model), Zenith showed off preproduction models of their ZF-1 .308 and ZF-33 5.56 NATO rifles. Sadly, they are not available now, but Zenith is working to get them to market. Check out Matthew Moss’s coverage here for more info and pictures.
[SHOT 2023] ZF-1 rifle
[SHOT 2023] ZF-33 rifle
[SHOT 2023] ZF-33K, objectively the coolest length of roller-delayed 5.56

Ikon Weapons

Ikon primarily builds Micro and ARM Galils, but recently branched out into .308 builds. These are limited in number but 7.62 NATO Galils have been in very short supply in recent years. You can read more about them here.
[SHOT 2023] Ikon 7.62 Galil build
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