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YouTube Gun Channels Are In Danger

Yesterday we found out that YouTube gun channels are in danger of losing any ad support that they have come to rely on. TFB TV is among those channels that are affected. Help keep TFB TV as you know it by donating a dollar or two here: https://www.patreon.com/tfbtv Today Patrick talks about what is [Read More…]

PSA: Be aware of your target

Of course, the full extent of that statement is “Be aware of your Target, and what lies beyond and in between”. This applies to all shooting activities, from tactical shooting, to plinking, and in this case to hunting. In a recent NBC report, a stray round [Read More…]

PSA- catching a squib load

I don’t think there is a single shooting event/competition, civilian or military, where it is declared in the safety brief, that everyone present is a range officer and has the right to call out an unsafe act or situation, on behalf of the whole group. Often times [Read More…]