Amazon Basics Pistol Safe Defeated in Seconds

    amazon basics safe

    There are a lot of pistol safes on the market, some of them do a great job at keeping your handguns protected, while others are as a safe as a cardboard box. Amazon has a few pistol safes on their site sold under their Amazon Basics line, but just how good are they?

    The LockPickingLawyer on YouTube recently posted a video showing just how unreliable one of Amazon’s safes is. The safe in question is a quick access pistol safe that has a bio-metric finger print lock. It can also be opened via a numeric code or with a key. It’s listed currently at $112 over on Amazon. Check out just how easy it is to break into the safe in the video below:

    To be fair, cheap safes like this really are to keep kids, visitors, etc from accessing your guns. Any determined person will be able to break into these budget priced sheet metal safes, but being able to compromise a safe so easily is inexcusable. You would think that the largest online retailer in the world would make a decent gun safe. But just like many of the products sold under the Amazon Basics line, it’s junk.¬†Add this pistol safe to the list of Worst Amazon gun gifts available.

    These Amazon Basics safes aren’t the only ones that are easy to break into. A few years ago we also posted about handgun safes that were defeated by paperclips. A few of them were from some very well known manufacturers. No safe is full proof, with enough time and the proper tools any safe can be broken into. However, they should at least be able to resist being opened in seconds by a paper clip or metal shim.

    UPDATE: It looks like the safe was taken off Amazon.

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