Mini Mosin Nagant Chambered in .22LR

    mosin nagant .22lr

    Here’s something for all the Garbage Rod fans out there, the folks over at Keystone Sporting Arms LLC just announced their new “Mini Mosin” chambered in the popular and once again plentiful .22LR. Keystone is calling their new Mosin plinker the KSA9130. It’s the first of a planned series of .22LR Mosin Nagant rifles. The KSA9130 is made right here in the USA and features a walnut stock and 20″ barrel. However, it’s only a single shot rifle.

    While that tidbit of info is unfortunate, it’s not surprising as Keystone Sporting Arms LLC is also the maker of Crickett rifles. Cricketts are single shot rifles chambered in .22lr with smaller stocks for younger shooters. It looks like the new KSA9130 is just a Crickett rifle made up to look like a Mosin Nagant. Keystone hasn’t announced an official release date as of yet and pricing is still TBD. I wonder what’s next in their planned series, PU Sniper with a scope and bent bolt?

    We are excited to introduce the KSA9130 “Mini-Mosin”!

    This is the first in a series that is being released. It’s a youth version of the iconic Mosin-Nagant 91/30. It features a 20″ barrel and a walnut stock. This “Mini-Mosin” is the perfect size for your little “Comrade”. Stay tuned for more info on how to pre-order, including how to get in on an early “Special Edition” model.

    Check out for more info on the KSA9130.

    Wz. 48

    Polish Wz. 48 training rifle. Picture source:

    If you really want a vintage Mosin Nagant chambered in .22LR, such a gun already exists. The Wz. 48 is a Polish made Mosin trainer produced from the 1940s until the 1960s. They have a 24″ barrel and are also single shot rifles. They’re a bit hard to come by but they do pop-up online from time to time.

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