[SHOT 2020] Interesting Products at SHOT Show From Smaller Companies

    At SHOT Show most of the hype is in the main hall. That’s where you’ll find Glock, Sig Sauer, Magpul, Mossberg, Smith & Wesson, Brownells and the rest of the big boys. Off to the sides and under the main hall are where the small and medium sized companies are found. That’s where you find some of the interesting products at SHOT Show. It could be interesting in a good way, and sometimes in a not so good way. And some products make you wonder why they even spent the money to attend.

    Some of the companies on this list aren’t necessarily small in terms of revenue, amount of time they’ve been in business or the amount of products offered. They’re just in the in the bowels of the Sands Expo Center where SHOT Show is held. They might be overlooked and are just flying under the gun blogosphere’s radar. Or they’re actually small mom and pop companies that are exhibiting for the first time at SHOT Show.

    And in case you missed it, here’s my list from SHOT Show 2019.

    DT-CAOS Optic Mounting System for the FN Five-seveN

    DT-CAOS Optic Mounting System for the FN Five-seveN

    DT-CAOS Optic Mounting System for the FN Five-seveN

    5.7x28mm seems to be becoming a hot round for 2020. There was the Ruger 57, CMMG AR-15 in 5.7 and the new DBX from Diamondback. Well how about something for the OG pistol chambered in 5.7? Dorin Technologies is about to release their DT-CAOS Optic Mounting System for the FN Five-seveN pistol. Their system includes a new slide cover along with a cover plate and all the hardware needed. They’ll have kits available for use with the Trijicon RMR, Holosun, Burris and Vortex pistol optics. The kits start at $199 and will be available at the end of February 2020. Check them out at dorintech.com.

    KET Brass Deflectors

    KET Brass Deflectors

    KET Brass Deflectors. Pic source: ket-us.com

    I’ve used different brass catchers and deflectors over the years. What caught my eye with the KET Brass Deflector was how simple and easy they are to mount to your rifle. They snap right onto your rifle scope or Picatinny rails. No velcro fasteners or mesh pouches to deal with. The KET deflects your brass onto the ground nearby and not onto anyone that may be shooting next to you. They’re not the cheapest on the market at $32.99 retail, but they’re 100% made in the USA. You can snag one over on Amazon.

    Safe Life Defense Flexible Rifle Armor


    Safe Life Defense made my list last year, this year they earned another spot with their Flexible Rifle Armor. It’s rated to defend against .223/5.56 and 7.62×39, but it’s light, comfortable and conceals about as well as soft armor. I got to try it on at the show and it’s definitely more comfortable than traditional plate armor. It also provides front, rear and side coverage. It’s available now for pre-order over at safelifedefense.com.

    Cheeterz Single Use Ammo Loading Pods

    Image source: cheeterz.com

    There’s a ton of magazine loaders on the market, so when I walked by the Cheeterz booth I thought they were selling just another mag loader. They are, but they’re single use loaders. The idea behind them is to help shooters who have trouble loading pistol magazines. The Cheeterz pods come pre-loaded, users can then use the pod to load their mags then toss the pods into the recycle bin. I get the idea behind this product, but I think that being single use only is going to be a hard sell. Especially when there’s many other options to help shooters quickly and easily load their mags. Check em out yourself at cheeterz.com.

    Triclops Sights

    Triclops Sights

    Image source: triclopssights.com

    Here’s another product I have my doubts about, but it was still intriguing enough to make me stop and check them out. They’re called Triclops Sights and the makers claim they help with faster target acquisition. The Triclops Sight uses a front fiber optic sight and three in the rear that are in a rather large steel box. I played around with them for a bit and I just don’t know if they’re any better than 3 dot sights. But I’d like to actually try these out at the range. Check em out at triclopssights.com.

    Modtac Suppressor Shields

    Modtac Suppressor Shield

    At SHOT Show 2020 Modtac had their Suppressor Shields on display. They’re made out of carbon fiber and fit on 1.375″ to 1.625″ suppressors. They’re designed to minimize mirage and protect the shooter from potential burns during use. Check them out at modtac.us.

    Amend2 S300 Hybrid

    Amend2 S300

    Amend2 S300 Hybrid

    This is a pretty awesome new product from Amend2. It’s called the S300 Hybrid and it lets you adapt a Sig P320 to use P365 mags. Nick did a post on the S300 Hybrid here.

    Talon Grips New Pro Grip Material

    Talon Grips Pro Grip Material

    Talon Grips Pro Grip Material

    I use a set of Talon Grips Rubber Grips on one of my Glocks and overall I’m pretty happy with them. They also offer their Granulate Grips which are more of a sand paper type material. They give you a whole lot of grip, but can hurt after a long day of shooting. Well they just debuted their new Pro Grips, they’re a hybrid of their Rubber and Granulate Grip materials. They’re comfortable to hold but give you a ton of grip. Check em out at talongungrips.com.

    Best Doggo of The Show

    You’ll see lots of dogs around SHOT, but I’ve dub this doggo the best at SHOT Show 2020.

    I’ll continue to add to this list as I go through all my pictures, notes and footage from the show. If you were at SHOT Show 2020 and saw something interesting we might have missed feel free to chime in.

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