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Anti-Tank Weapons of The War in Ukraine Russian-Pakistani Friendship POTD: RPG-7s in Murmansk

POTD: RPG-7s in Murmansk

Flying rockets, fire and Kalashnikovs – we must be in Russia! TFB has been running the Photo Of The Day for years, sharing great photos from around the world and the world of firearms onto the doorstep of the screen you’re looking at right now, and we hope you [Read More…]

RPG-2 rocket launcher from Atlantic Firearms

POTD: Shooting the RPG-7

Portable and reusable, and one of the best known and iconic anti-tank (anti-whatever) rocket-propelled grenade launchers ever. That is the subject in TFB’s Photo Of The Day, and above you can see the grenade just leaving the launcher. The RPG-7 (РПГ-7) has been [Read More…]

National Guard of Ukraine Purchases AirTronic PSRL - US Made RPG-7s (1)