Belorussians make RPG-7 “Smarter”

    RPG-7 is perhaps the most simple weapon of its class. The basic launcher has pretty much remained the same since its introduction and the innovations and new developments were almost exclusively done to the grenades (with a couple of exceptions). Belorussian firearm designers took a different approach in upgrading the RPG-7. They’ve developed a new sighting system, which allows aiming and hitting the targets at various ranges much easier.

    The company called “TsNIP” CJSC (ЗАО “ЦНИП”) has also changed the name of the launcher. Instead of RPG-7, it is now called “Ovod-R”. The sight also has its own designation – PD-7. The sight features a built-in ballistic calculator and rangefinder. It also has a number of sensors such as temperature, wind and atmospheric pressure sensors. The new sight also has a capability to attach an additional night vision device. As soon as the target is marked by the shooter, the scope calculates a proper point of aim and marks it on the reticle. After that, the shooter only needs to match the marked point of aim with the target and pull the trigger. The sight also makes auto adjustments based on the type of the grenade loaded into the launcher and has a 3x magnification.

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    The Ovod-R weighs 6.3 kilograms (about 14 lbs). The scope adds another 2 kilograms (4.4 lbs) to the overall weight. Because Ovod-R it is based on the RPG-7, it is compatible with all types of RPG-7 ammunition. The new sight is capable of working to up to 2 kilometers, which pretty much covers the maximum range of any RPG-7 grenade.

    Here is how Jane’s describes the night vision attachment of PD-7 sight:

    The unit has a modern power system and can optionally be fitted with an NV/A-1 quick release attachment, which has no impact on the performance and supports operations in poor weather conditions and visibility.

    The NV/A-1 can use Gen 2+, Gen 3, or Gen 3+ image intensification tubes and has a FoV of at least 16.5°. It weighs 0.55 kg and is powered by a single AA battery. It is designed to operate at temperatures ranging from -40° to 55°C and has 1x magnification.


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