Lithuanian advice manual for Russian invasion

    The Berlin Wall fell some 27 years ago. Now the situation around the Baltic Sea seems to turn to the worse again.

    As a reply Lithuania – a NATO member since 2004 – just updated their civil defense booklet, with clear information to citizens what they should do in if there’s an invasion.

    The booklet is 75 pages and has been distributed in paper copies as well as pdfs. The tone is very serious, and is pretty clear in pointing out that Russia would not hesitate to use military force against its neighbours.

    The guide includes chapters with survival techniques, with pictures of how to dress to keep dry and warm and how to find food, water and survive.

    Furthermore there are guides on how to spot and identify Russian tanks, ammunition, mines and grenades. The T-90 below, for instance.


    Lithuania has been part of the Soviet Union, and there is still a russian exclave in Kaliningrad.

    The manual includes the words: “It is most important that the civilians are aware and have a will to resist – when these elements are strong, an aggressor has difficulties in creating an environment for military invasion.”

    The map of the region, which helps explaining the situation.


    Below are the firearms described in the manual, supposedly to be used by Russia.

    AK-74s, AKS-74Us and AK-12.

    PKMS and PK GPMG.


    2016-10-30 13.21.13

    The VSS Vintorez. (Vintovka Snayperskaya Spetsialnaya or “Special Sniper Rifle”), uses a heavy subsonic 9×39 mm SP5 cartridge and armor-piercing SP6 cartridge. It’s used mainly by Spetsnaz Special Forces and can be stripped down for low visibility transportation.

    The AS VAL should only be available in very limited quantities. It uses the 9×39 mm round, subsonic, with about twice the muzzle energy than of a the H&K MP5 SD in 9×19 mm.

    Finally the SR-3M Vikhr, also in 9×39 mm. With sound suppressor and without.

    2016-10-30 13.22.01

    RPK-74s, RPG-7s and Dragunov SVD. The grenade launcher GP-25 is in there also.

    2016-10-30 13.21.48

    In terms of pistols (“pistoletai”) the PMM, MP-443 and GSH-18 are included.

    2016-10-30 13.21.35

    Full page of the guide to pistols.

    2016-10-30 13.21.20


    All the goodies in terms of firearms are included and pictured above for your convenience, but if you want to study the complete pdf you can do so here. No, it’s not in English but in the local language.


    Estonia seems to have similar ideas. Read more in this NY Times article. Below a few quotes:

    The competitions, held nearly every weekend, are called war games, but are not intended as fun. The Estonian Defense League, which organizes the events, requires its 25,400 volunteers to turn out occasionally for weekend training sessions…

    The number of firearms, mostly Swedish-made AK-4 automatic rifles, that Estonia has dispersed among its populace is classified.” (the AK-4 is a Heckler & Koch G3 in 7,62×51 NATO).

    The best deterrent is not only armed soldiers, but armed citizens, too,” Brig. Gen. Meelis Kiili, the commander of the Estonian Defense League.

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