POTD: RPG-7 Rocket Launcher in Action

    In each of our Photo Of The Day articles, we bring you work from photographers from around the globe. Today we have pictures from the Russian Ministry of Defence and the RPG-7, which is actually a recoilless grenade launcher rather than a rocket-propelled grenade launcher. It’s portable and reuseable (not the grenade itself obviously) but also unguided, so aiming is entirely up to the shooter. Designed in 1958, it is still going strong.

    At the firing of RPG-7 grenade launchers at the firing range of the Ural Tank Division of the Central Military District

    At the BBO training grounds in the Republic of Buryatia, charges began with grenade throwers

    Military personnel will improve their professional skills in the use of standard weapons, in particular, they will fulfill the tasks of conducting visual reconnaissance, detecting, and determining the distance to targets.

    The main emphasis during practical training is on training military personnel to defeat targets at the maximum sighting range of an RPG-7V grenade launcher.

    In addition, grenade launchers will master the use of night-time aiming and surveillance devices, as well as firing with a change of position on moving targets

    Firing of grenade launchers of a motorized rifle compound BBO from RPG-7 during training to repel an attack on a field camp (Knyaz-Volkonsky training ground, Khabarovsk Territory)

    Nervousness level 110%

    Don’t stand behind the blast.

    Also check TFBTV’s: Firing an RPG-7 Rocket Launcher Trainer, which is a little less violent than the real thing.

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