POTD: Shooting the RPG-7

    Portable and reusable, and one of the best known and iconic anti-tank (anti-whatever) rocket-propelled grenade launchers ever.

    That is the subject in TFB’s Photo Of The Day, and above you can see the grenade just leaving the launcher.

    The RPG-7 (РПГ-7) has been in use since the very early 1960, including the Vietnam War.

    RPG-7s with variants are manufactured by nine countries and used by around forty. With over 9,000,000 built it has to be one of the most manufactured shoulder-fired rocket-propelled grenade launchers ever. (Source)

    The grenade is unguided, but within distances of around 100 meters, the hit probability is still very high. Already at 200 meters, the hit probability goes down to 51%, but it’s still not a place to be around. (Source: 1976 U.S. Army evaluation)

    Auto-Translated from the Russian caption: (Source: Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation)

    Russian paratroopers showed the best performance as part of the “Airborne Platoon” competition.

    Contestants from Russia ran faster and than anyone else and overcame the obstacle course and shooting competition where they competed in accuracy and speed of firing with grenade launchers and machine guns.

    The Russian team also became the best in landing accuracy. The team of Morocco was the second, and China – the third. As for the relay, then the Chinese team takes second place, and paratroopers from Belarus close the top three.

    Thus, Russia confidently leads in the past stages of the competition. The top three also includes teams from Belarus and China, the time gap between which is a matter of seconds.

    How far can you jump with your Kalashnikov?

    The pictures all come from the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, MIL.ru.