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POTD: Austrian Snipers

Nothing to do? Each day you are welcome to TFB’s selection of photo highlights. Today we start off with a through-the-reticle photograph. Snipers need good eyesight and a steady hand. You rarely see it, but a sniper needs a lot of patience, self-sufficiency, inner [Read More…]

M27 SAW M110A1 Heckler & Koch US Army DMR White russian ak Ocean view Sniper Beretta mp3 Hille James

POTD: Cold Response 2020

What is the German Navy doing in this snowy environment? They were also part of the Cold Response 2020 exercise in Norway, earlier this year before we knew what the Coronavirus was. How soon will it be before we know which firearm will take over the HK G36? Will it be [Read More…]

Pulsar Thermion XP50 Côte d’Ivoire Special Forces Soldier M16 HK MP5 SD submachine gun New Steiner M7Xi 2.9-20x50 MSR2