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POTD: Alaska National Guard Aviators POTD: Falkland Islands Defence Force Shooting Historic Weapons savotta

POTD: Savotta Camouflage

Photo Of The Day: If you want to hide a horse in the winter, Savotta from Finland may have a solution for you. For the Finnish independence day, they posted these images, which hopefully will put a smile on your face. Savotta have been manufacturing outdoors, hunting [Read More…]

POTD: Green Berets in the Japanese Jungle POTD: B&T - Any Colour You Like HK433 and G27P SBR POTD: Samopal USA - Sturmgewehr and vz. 58 storm barra Derya Arms - Drum Magazines InfiRay Zoom ZH38 Special Forces Exercise Near Novosibirsk POTD: Down Range Photography

POTD: Down Range Photography

Photo Of The Day: There’s a lot of talent (and firearms) behind the wonderful stream of images produced by Down Range Photography. Above you can see a New Year’s shot of a few of his blasters, certainly a bit out of the ordinary from what you’ll find [Read More…]

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