POTD: Warming up the Orzysko Training Ground

    Today we visit Poland and the 15 Giżycka Brygada Zmechanizowana (Mechanized Brigade). They’re warming up the Orzysko training ground with a variety of toys. We have a cocktail of RPGs, anti-tank missiles and Main Battle Tanks in this Photo Of The Day.

    Zawiacy from 1 mechanized battalion perfected their skills during the integrated classes at the premises of the Orzysz Ground Forces Training Center. Soldiers from 7 tank companies from the 1st Warsaw Armored Brigade, who are on duty in # 15GBZ as part of #eFP, trained together with Szwoleżers.

    RPG-7 – 40mm rocket-propelled grenade launcher.

    This looks like the Spike, Anti-Tank Guided Missile System by Israel & Poland.

    For more anti-tank hunting, check out the “Austrian Jagdkommandos with their RBS56 BILL Anti-Tank Missile” article.

    Mortars, small but effective. Probably the LM-60 Pluton.

    Main Battle Tanks from Germany, Leopard 2. Poland also uses the upgraded T-72 called PT-91 “Twardy”.

    All photos are taken by Bartek Grądkowski and Dawid Sofiński.

    Also, check the “Polish Sniper Teams with Sako TRGs” article.