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POTD: Polish MSBS Grot & PM-84 Glauberyt Glock 17 Sniper Polish Polish Snipers in PRS Inspired Competition ukm 2020 machine gun POTD: NATO Enhanced Forward Presence Battle Group Poland VIS 100 M1 FB Radom FB Mini-Beryl Hk416f france A WOT Promo photo featuring the MSBS (WOT)

POTD: Battle Tank Madness

Photo Of The Day, and it’s a photo to make the people of the United Kingdom proud (above). We are looking at the tank competition IRON SPEAR 2019, which finished with a tank crew challenge. The exercise IRON SPEAR 2019 tested specific tank crew skills by [Read More…]

wz.35 VIS MSBS bullpup 2018 Civilian MSBS