POTD: Polish Sniper Teams with Sako TRGs

    Photo Of The Day and we have lots and lots of pictures of Polish Sniper Teams to share. The pictures are from the Orzysz Land Forces Military Training Center and the Polish 15 Giżycka Brygada Zmechanizowana
    We get an insight into the tactics of a sniper team – to spot the enemy without being noticed. The Polish snipers have a mixture of TRG-21s, TRG-22s and TRG M10s. As you can imagine it’s not easy to spot what they use here, but give it a shot (pun intended) in the comments below.

    The TRG M10 is a bolt-action sniper rifle that is available in multiple calibers, manually operated and shoulder-fired, as well as magazine-fed. It has a high-capacity magazine and fully adjustable stock that make it a multi-functional system in a single weapon, suitable for many different circumstances.

    A high level of configurability make the TRG M10 an extremely versatile platform: it easily converts from a true long-range precision rifle to a more compact piece of equipment.

    The pictures are taken by Adrian Staszewski and Bartek Grądkowski. The website of 15GBZ can be found here.
    For snipers in the snow, check out the “Sako TRG M10 in White“.
    TFB did a mini-test of the Sako TRG M10, and we managed to shoot sub-MOA groups easily: Sub-MOA groupings with the Sako TRG M10 in .308 Win and .338LM.