POTD: VSS Vintorez and RPG-7 in Slavic Brotherhood 2020

    Welcome back to Photo Of The Day, daily articles run by The Firearm Blog since 2014. To our knowledge, this is the most well-known place on the Internet for photos of firearms and soldiers. Fairly recently we had a look at the Slavic Brotherhood 2019 Exercise, now it’s time for a look at the participants in the “Slavic Brotherhood 2020”. In the event, there were 250 paratroopers from Russia and Belarus that practiced together.

    You can see both the RPG-7 Rocket-launcher and the VSS Vintorez, which is a suppressed rifle chambered in 9x39mm with heavy subsonic loads. The Vintorez is made by Tula Arms and uses a long-stroke gas piston, which runs above the barrel. It can also fire armor-piercing rounds made out of hardened steel or tungsten.

    For more spectacular photos of the RPG-7 check out the: Shooting the RPG-7.

    All photos by Russian Ministry of Defense MIL.ru