Inert Military Surplus RPG-2 Launchers From Atlantic Firearms

Doug E
by Doug E
RPG-2 rocket launcher

Atlantic Firearms just announced that they have imported used, but now inert, RPG-2 recoilless launchers that are now for sale. The surplus RPG-2 (which are recoilless weapon not rocket launchers as many believe) have a circular hole cut into the receiver to make them inoperative, and incapable of being reactivated. They will also come with a dummy rocket, though Atlantic Firearm’s CEO, Blaine, explained that they will have dummy rockets available separately as well, and the RPG-2’s will have a standalone option as well. Atlantic Firearms’ description can be read below, followed by Blaine’s descriptive video.

Atlantic Firearms @ TFB:

The RPG-2 40mm rocket-propelled grenade launcher was the first anti-tank weapon manufactured in the USSR. It was used primarily by China and other ComBloc nations that used Soviet weapons systems. It was widely distributed to allies and used in more than 35 countries. China, North Vietnam, and North Korea also licensed it. It was used against the U.S. It was exposed to the rest of the world through TV documentaries.These are some of the most Iconic weapons of the Cold War outside of the AK 47 rifle and make a great addition to any Kalashnikov or Military Surplus collection.

A fully inert RPG-2 rocket-launcher can now be legally owned and has been properly deactivated according to ATF regulations.mThese RPG’s have been demilled to ATF specifications with a bore sized hole cut in the side, a rod welded in place thru the bore and the firing pin has been disabled. This is a great addition to your Man Cave or collection. You can tell stories to your friends about your time with Rambo and the adventures you experienced! This launcher is approximately 37-1/2 inches long and 6.15 pounds. These are original military issue and rated in very good condition and will show signs of usage. Comes with Replica RPG Rocket to complete the package! May take 5-7 Business days to process and ship & you will be emailed tracking info once shipped. No FFL Required.

RPG-2 Rocket Launcher with Rocket

  • Rocket Launcher with Rocket
  • Fully Inert/Deactivated
  • 37-1/2 inches
  • 6.15lbs
  • Original Military Issue surplus
  • Comes with resin Replica RPG Rocket
  • No FFL Required

The RPG-2s are currently listed on sale for $519.00, but the regular price is shown as $580.00 on Atlantic Firearms’ dedicated page. You can view the rest of what they have to offer at, or follow them on their YouTube channel, or Instagram and Facebook pages.

What do you think about the new wall-hanger RPG-2 from Atlantic Firearms? Are you tempted to get one?

Doug E
Doug E

Doug has been a firearms enthusiast since age 16 after getting to shoot with a friend. Since then he's taken many others out to the range for their first time. He is a husband, father, grandfather, police officer, outdoorsman, artist and a student of history. Doug has been a TFB reader from the start and is happy to be a contributor of content. Doug can be reached at battleshipgrey61 AT, or battleshipgrey61 on Instagram.

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  • Eggburt1969 Eggburt1969 on Dec 02, 2021

    Dear Doug E, I thought it was bad enough when Eric B described the RPG-7 as a rocket launcher, which it's not, but this is understandable due to the general confusion as to how it works and what its acronym actually means in Russian. You are now calling the RPG-2 a rocket launcher; I take it you are aware that none of its ammunition even contains a rocket motor! The RPG-2, like the developmental (1944-1948 era) RPG-1, the intermediate RPG-4, the RPG-7 and later RPG-16, are all recoilless guns. Russian RPG-1, RPG-2 and RPG-4 ammo never contained a rocket motor, they work purely as recoilless guns. The RPG-7 is a recoilless gun that mostly, but not always, fires "ROCKET-BOOSTED" projectiles. These are first fired from the launcher using the recoilless gun principle and then boosted in speed by a delayed-ignition rocket motor. Unless the projectile is powered by the rocket motor within the launching tube, it's not a rocket launcher. For note the RPG acronym in the case of the RPG-2 (RPG-1, RPG-4, RPG-7 and RPG-16) in English means 'hand-held anti-tank grenade launcher', in Russian ‘Ручной Противотанковый Гранатомет’ (Ruchnoy Protivotankovyy Granatomet). You are mixing it up with the true RPG rocket launchers (i.e. RPG-18, RPG-22, RPG-26, RPG-27, RPG-28, RPG-29, RPG-30, RPG-32), in which the RPG acronym means ‘Reactive (aka Rocket-propelled) Anti-Tank Grenade’, in Russian ‘Реактивной Противотанковой Гранате’ (Reaktivnoy Protivotankovoy Granate).

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    • Int19h Int19h on Dec 02, 2021

      @Eggburt1969 That last one should be "Реактивная противотанковая граната" (nominative case - yours was in dative).

      Also, it only applies to RPG-18, RPG-22, RPG-26, RPG-27, and RPG-30. RPG-28, RPG-29, and RPG-32 are all classified as "Ручной противотанковый гранатомет" (while the ammunition that they use is "реактивная граната").

  • Clifffalling Clifffalling on Dec 04, 2021

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