POTD: M4s, Minimi M249, AK-74, AKMS, Vintorez VSS, PKM in Pakistan

    Russian-Pakistani Friendship

    Today we have pictures from the Russian-Pakistani Friendship shooting competition from 2018. The results were a draw, but we’re left with images of interesting firearms.

    Here is a description machine-translated from Russian:

    According to the results of the competition, which took place at the training center for special forces in the village of Cherat of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the military personnel of both countries scored the same number of points, destroying more than 500 targets.

    During the competition, commandos of the two countries exchanged experience in firing from various weapons and studied its features. In particular, Russian intelligence agents tested the 5.56-mm M4 rifles and 9-mm Glock pistols, Minimi M249 assault machine guns, LMG light machine guns, analogues of RPG-7 anti-tank grenade launchers and Chinese-made AK-74 assault rifles operating in Pakistan.

    Pakistani troops fired from Russian AK-74M and AKMS submachine guns with silent firing, PKM and Pecheneg Kalashnikov machine guns, Vintorez VSS sniper rifles and Val guns

    Thanks for tuning in. Tomorrow we’ll be back with a bunch of new images.

    Photo & Caption Source: Ministry of Defense of Russia / Facebook