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SIG SAUER 223 Rem Match Grade Ammunition IMG_4835 LIMA5 - 660x410 JET 14134803_1682664945387804_761954338_n DSC_0024 Colt National Match Ammo ff489346a726971bee27ac4c807774ad Brian Brake

POTD: Fire Breathing Muzzle Brake

Here is a photo of my friend Brian M. at the recent 2016 FN 3Gun Match. He made the muzzle brake himself. I just happened to capture the right moment and the muzzle flash. He is engaging some paper targets at about 20 yards using a Sig Romeo 3 red dot sight.  

SIGRomeo Capture reticle maker romeo4 Bravo4 image SIG SAUER 13646720_10210141787566374_1734417319_o xsdfcsdfad sadasdas IMG_2987 cover IMG_3117 MPX BRACE suppressed 5464 KILO850 FOXTROT1 echo1 display SIG-IWA-9_resize SIG Army Green

Army Green SIGs

SIG SAUER and Talo Distributors teamed up to release a series of two-tone guns that are now available. The new guns use an Army Green anodized frame with the standard black Nitron slide and controls. The new models are: P238 This is a variation of the company’s [Read More…]

Elite Performance Ammunition 13115377_10207705348445477_1764901318_n 13001131_689708676999_814698921199861377_n image DSC_0147 Underwater

New Sig Sauer P227 Equinox

Sig Sauer added another P227 .45 ACP option this year at SHOT Show. Called the Equinox, this new P227 comes with a 2-tone slide with a nickel/pewter appearance. The Equinox also comes with a polished trigger, hammer, and control levers for those who like their handguns [Read More…]


[SHOT 2016] Lancer handguard for Sig MPX

Lancer has come out with a handguard for the Sig MPX series of SBRs or pistols. They are in their classic M LOK configuration, and come in either 8 inch, 10 inch, or 14 inch lengths for the different barrel lengths that the MPX comes in. The handguards attach to the [Read More…]


SIG Legion Series

SIG announced their Legion series just this past fall of 2015 and it soon became clear this wasn’t just about a gun or two but about a way of firearm life. The new series runs the gamut from guns to holsters to knives to lights and more. This year at SHOT during [Read More…]