SIG Sauer P320 XTEN Endure: All-Weather, Limited-Production Firepower

Zac K
by Zac K
SIG Sauer P320 XTEN Endure

The SIG Sauer P320 XTEN is back… in a special edition, with an all-weather finish that looks likely to attract both collectors and outdoorsmen. Retailers are now pushing the new SIG Sauer P320 XTEN Endure, which they tell us is hitting the market in a 2,500-gun production run.

SIG Sauer @ TB:

We’ve heard nothing concrete from SIG Sauer itself, but here’s what the retailers say they’re sending our way. This pistol is obviously closely related to the standard P230 XTEN model. Same recoil-operated, locked-breech striker-fired action. Same 10mm chambering. A 15-round magazine is standard (the pistol ships with three mags). The frame is stainless steel. All familiar stuff.

However, the modularity of the P230 platform allowed SIG Sauer to build a pistol that should offer excellent accuracy and all-weather durability. Start with the barrel – a five-inch bull barrel configuration. XRAY3 day/night sights are standard, with a 6.8-inch radius, helping you shoot in varying light conditions. The slide is optics-ready out of the box. At the front and rear of the slide, serrations give the shooter an enhanced grip.

If you want to attach a light, laser or other rail-mounted accessory, a rail under the muzzle allows you to do so, built into the LXG polymer grip module. The new SIG has an XSeries flat trigger as well.

Built for the great outdoors

It’s all great stuff, but really, the first thing you notice when you see the SIG Sauer P320 XTEN Endure is the Topographic Cerakote finish on the slide. Perhaps an outdoorsman looking for powerful-but-manageable self-protection is more likely to go with a 10mm auto than a hunter. However, whether you’re looking for trouble outdoors, or just trying to protect yourself when trouble finds you, an all-weather finish is a highly welcome feature. Also, no doubt it will suck in a few gun collectors as well.

The pistol is 8.5 inches long and weighs 33 ounces, including the mag; again, the sort of stuff you want in a defense rig in the bush.

We already told you it was only available in a 2,500-pistol run, and here’s the rest of the bad news. We haven’t seen an official MSRP yet (the gun is not yet on SIG Sauer’s website), but online, pricing starts at $1000 and climbs from there. That’s about $200 more than the standard P230 XTEN.

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  • I1776 I1776 on Dec 03, 2023

    Pistol will not suppress, just like the other P320’s such as the AXG “combat” LOL unless you bought one to suppress using the factory threaded barrel.

  • Tuco's Child Tuco's Child on Dec 06, 2023

    Gucci Topo, no thanks.

    More interested in X10 Comp for hunting back up side arm