SIG Sauer CROSS Gets Even Lighter: The New CROSS TRAX

Daniel Y
by Daniel Y
The Sig Sauer CROSS Gets Even Lighter: The New CROSS TRAX

It seems hard to believe that the SIG Sauer Cross could get much smaller or lighter, but it has. The new Cross TRAX model is even more streamlined than the original. Let’s see how they accomplished that feat.

Sig Sauer @ TFB:

The two most obvious differences are the stock and handguard. In lieu of the original stock with cheek height and length of pull adjustments, the TRAX (no relation to the Utah Transit Authority TRAX light rail network) features the folding “leg bone” minimalist stock, a descendant of the original MCX folding stock. The handguard is similar to the original but trimmed back to 11.5 inches.

Other changes are more minor, like the Rattler pistol grip and smaller bolt handle. But all of those features together do cut the weight down even more. The standard Cross in .308 with a 16-inch barrel weighs 6.5 pounds. The Cross TRAX (only available as a 16-inch .308) weighs only 6.1 pounds. Some online retailers list it as coming soon with a street price of $1399.99, so keep an eye out as it will probably be showing up soon.

The Sig Sauer CROSS Gets Even Lighter: The New CROSS TRAX

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From the manufacturer:

Using the heart and soul of the SIG CROSS receiver, the CROSS TRAX delivers a minimalist design of the CROSS rifle perfect for deer hunters looking for something light and compact. Featuring a 11.5” lightweight handguard, Leg Bone minimalist stock, RATTLER grip and low profile bolt knob, the TRAX is available in 308 Win with a 16” stainless steel barrel. If you are looking for the next generation of lightweight compact hunting rifles, look no further than the CROSS TRAX for your next adventure.


New ultra lightweight skeletonized 11.5″ handguard

New minimalist lightweight folding stock

Low profile no-snag bolt knob and handle

Precision stainless tapered barrel

Folding CROSS minimalist stock, 26″ overall length folded

All images from SIG Sauer

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Daniel Y
Daniel Y

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  • H538 H538 on Dec 15, 2023

    Hopefully the accuracy has improved. The original one I had was nothing to write home about.

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    • H538 H538 on Dec 16, 2023

      @Ape I’ve had two of them in .308 and they both kinda sucked in the accuracy dept. I didn’t work up any loads for it and I didn’t shoot more than 6 different types of ammo out them. From what I could get and what I watched others getting on YouTube I concluded it wasn’t going to get much better. It’s a good idea overall and I liked the way hikes and felt shouldered but my Tikka and my Scar 17 both out shoot it.

  • Frank 3 Frank 3 on Dec 19, 2023

    Glad to see Sig trying. BUT..... Would it be that hard for a full length carbon fiber handguard to help in colder/hotter temps while hunting?.... Now how about either a fluted barrel or a carbon fiber wrapped barrel? Just adding those two things would improve the gun immensely imho. The Cross or Fix is great in concept and almost perfect in execution but if it's geared towards hunters, they need to tweak it a little bit more. Also a mini Cross (300 BLK, 556, 6.5G, etc...) would be great as well.