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Blue Force Gear SMG Sling. All Images via Blue Force Gear Tikka M31 Ukrainian FORT-230 9mm Submachine Gun (1) CMMG Mk 9 Now With Radial Delayed Blowback Action Vigilance Rifles M20 (1) uzi AEK-919K Kashtan Submachine Gun (1) B&T MP9 Molot Prototype Mokrushin SMG (1) Angstadt SCW-9 SA-9 Finnish Police MP9 STRIBOG AP9A3S SCW guns

BREAKING: US Army Selects 6 Companies for Sub Compact Weapon Programme

Déjà vu? Not quite. The US Army has announced the companies which have been down-selected for the Sub Compact Weapon programme. Six of the companies which responded to the Army’s Prototype Opportunity Notice have been selected for testing and evaluation and [Read More…]

Winchester SMG US Army HKMP7 OPLOT SMG Made in the Self-Proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic (8)