Sneak Peek at the Angstadt Arms MDP-9

    Angstadt's UDP-9 in their teaser for the new MDP-9

    Charlotte, North Carolina-based Angstadt Arms have teased the unveiling of their new ‘subgun’, with a video featuring their previous pistol calibre carbine, the UDP-9. Angstadt have released a teaser trailer for the new MDP-9 but we don’t get a look at the new weapon, only hints.

    You’ll remember that Angstadt entered into the US Army’s Sub-Compact Weapon program, to procure a new submachine gun, in 2018, a shortened version of their AR-9 pistol – the Angstadt SCW-9. At the time Angstadt described the SCW-9:

    The SCW-9 was designed to meet the strict requirements of the U.S. Army Sub Compact Weapon program. At just 14.7” long and 4 lbs., the SCW9 provides greater lethality than pistols and much greater concealability over standard rifles. With a rate of fire of 1,110 rounds per minute, the SCW-9 is capable of accurately engaging threats with a high volume of lethal force

    While the SCW-9 was beaten out on the contract by B&T’s entry we got our first hands-on look at Angstadt’s weapon at SHOT 2019.

    The new MDP-9, which they describe as “the subgun perfected for the modern age”, will also no doubt be targeted at not only the civilian pistol calibre carbine market but also the military and law enforcement sectors too. Angstadt proudly note that “Our flagship UDP-9 9mm AR and sub-machine guns are currently deployed in over 30 countries worldwide.”

    We don’t get a look at the new weapon in the teaser, the video ends as the range bag is unzipped (Angstadt Arms)

    If you head to you’ll find a pretty empty page, with a count down to 7th January, when the weapon is set to be unveiled and an email sign up form so you can be among the first to see the MDP-9.

    MDP-9’s page, with countdown, on Angstadt’s website (Angstadt Arms)

    Check out the teaser video below:

    The video offers an interesting hint at how the MDP-9 might operate with the ejected casings showing the tell tale signs of a fluted chamber, below is a screen grab showing the casings but the MDP-9’s page on Angstadt’s site also features a photo of the casings. Could the MDP-9 be a delayed blowback gun, rather than a straight blowback AR-9? We’ll find out more in January and TFB will be sure to follow up at SHOT 2020.

    The MDP-9 teaser concludes with a shot of some spent brass ejected from the new weapon. Note the markings on the cases – suggesting a fluted chamber. (Angstadt Arms)

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