Sao Paulo Police Select the Steyr AUG SMG in .40 Caliber

    Brazil’s Military Police of São Paulo State (PMESP) have selected the Steyr AUG in its submachine gun configuration to fulfil an order for 1,000 submachine guns. The Steyr AUG A3 in submachine gun configuration, feeding from a .40 caliber extended Glock magazines was the winning bidder for the contract. The Steyr beat out competition from B&T and Shield Arms. In the negotiation phase, Steyr offered the lowest final bid, $2,580 per weapon.

    It appears that Steyr were also the winning bid for a tender issued in November 2019 as well, whether the contracts are separate or cover the same requirement is unclear. The PMESP currently use various patterns of HK MP5s, the Beretta M12 and the FAMAE SAF.

    The Steyr AUG A3 in SMG configuration, feeding from a .40 caliber extended Glock magazine (Steyr)

    Here’s a notice from the Brazilian War Material Center regarding the bidding process for the contract (machine translated from Portuguese):


    * INTERNATIONAL PRESENTIAL PRICE No. CMB-340/0007/19 * which aims to acquire * 1,000 (thousand) * .40 S&W submachine guns for the Military Police of the State of São Paulo.

    On 28JUL20, the Public Session was opened, where the following companies were presented for accreditation: B&T, SHIELD ARMS, STEYR.

    After analyzing the documentation, all companies were accredited to proceed to the proposal stage.

    After analysis of the commission and the auctioneer’s decision, all proposals were classified, so the dollar exchange rate of 27JUL20, of * R $ 5.1889 * (value calculated on the website of the Central Bank of Brazil) was informed and the proposal of the bidders, as follows:

    – B&T: USD 3,600.00, equivalent to R $ 18,680.04:

    – Shield Arms: USD 3,064.41, equivalent to R $ 15,900.92;

    – STYER: USD 2,770.51, equivalent to R $ 14,375.90.

    In the bidding stage, the companies B&T and SHIELD ARMS offered lower values ​​than the lowest bid, which led to the negotiation stage with the company STYER. After intense negotiation of the auctioneer with the company representative, the final value offered by the company was USD 2,580.00, equivalent to R $ 13,387.36.

    In view of this, the company STEYR was declared the holder of the best offer and a period of 30 days for the presentation of samples was opened, as per the public notice. “

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