Angstadt Arms Unveils MDP-9

    The new MDP-9 (Angstadt Arms)

    At the very end of last year, Angstadt teased their newest firearm with a cryptic video and a product launch countdown page. Well, the wait is over and the new MDP-9 has been unveiled. The MDP-9 is a new roller-delayed blowback subgun.

    The new MDP-9 with pistol brace and can (Angstadt Arms)

    Just as Heckler & Koch reintroduced the original king of the roller-delayed blowback submachine guns – the MP5/SP5 last month Angstadt have rolled up with the next generation roller-delayed gun.

    Check out the overview video for the MDP-9 from Angstadt below:

    Angstadt describe it as “an ultra-compact personal defense weapon chambered in 9mm and fed with Glock pistol magazines. It has a proven roller-delayed action and AR-15 platform compatibility, making it the ideal weapon system for both professionals and prepared citizens alike.” So what we have is essentially a modular, AR-15 parts compatible PCC that feeds from Glock mags and doesn’t have a buffer tube.

    This last point is important as it gives the weapon an overall length of just 14 inches. The MDP-9 has a full-length Picatinny top rail, an M-LOK forend and a Picatinny attachment for braces (both the SB Tactical and the SIG MPX PSB) at the rear.

    The MDP-9 in pistol configuration (Angstadt Arms)

    Unlike an AR-15 or AR-9 PCC, the MDP-9 has a non-reciprocating forward charging handle, which can be swapped left or right, but there’s no HK-style slot to lock the bolt back (and give the obligatory HK slap).

    Right side of the MDP-9 (Angstadt Arms)

    The barrel is 5.85 inches long and is tipped with a tri-lug suppressor adaptor. The MDP-9 weighs 3.6lbs unloaded and Angstadt say it is “small enough to be carried comfortably on a sling or backpack all day.”

    Left side of the MDP-9 (Angstadt Arms)

    The MDP-9 is also backwards compatible, meaning that its monolithic upper assembly can be dropped straight onto your current AR-9 or AR-15 lower receiver. The upper assembly, including bolt, barrel, receiver and end rail adapter can be purchased separately.

    The MDP-9 with folding pistol brace (Angstadt Arms)

    The MDP-9’s Specs:

    Calibre: 9x19mm
    Colours: Black, FDE, Tactical Grey
    Action: Roller-Delayed Blowback
    Magazine: Glock 9mm double stack magazines
    Overall Length: 14in
    Weight Empty: 3.6 lbs
    Barrel Length: 5.85in

    The MDP-9 Pistol (Angstadt Arms)

    You can pick up the MDP-9 in pistol configuration for $2,599 MSRP, while the pistol with SB-Tactical side folding brace is available at $2,799 MSRP. You can also pick up the MDP-9’s monolithic upper assembly and end rail adapter for $1,799 MSRP.¬†Find out more over on Angstadt Arms’ site here.

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