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British Southern Gun Company 9mm Lever Action Rifle Franklin Armory introduces their newest Binary Trigger, this time for Ruger's PC Charger and PC Carbine models.

Franklin Armory Releases New PC-C1 Binary Trigger for Ruger PCCs

One of the main focuses of Nevada-based Franklin Armory is creativity. One particularly creative product series with which they have made waves, their Binary Triggers, has been previously released for ARs, AKs, 10/22s, MP5 clones, and more. These triggers are unusual in [Read More…]

Mikey Hartman Announces the New CAA MCK PCC Pistol Caliber Carbine Scheel Manufacturing Roller-Delayed Buffer System (1) Russian Molot VPO-185 9mm PCC JP Rifles PCC [SHOT 2020] Aero Precision Pistol Caliber Carbines PC9 Chassis Model fg-9 Sureshot Armament Group Prototype Pistol Caliber Carbine (1) STRIBOG SP9A1

Ruger PCC MLOK Options

The Ruger Pistol Caliber Carbine (PCC) has garnered some popularity for people who want a take down rifle in something other than .22lr. The Ruger PCC has also found increased popularity in states with restrictive gun laws like California and New York. While the Ruger [Read More…]

New Rainier Arms 9mm PCC Billet Receiver Set