Molot Teases the Prototype of Mokrushin SMG

    Molot Prototype Mokrushin SMG (1)

    Russian MOLOT Oruzhie arms factory shared on the forum of their website several images of a submachine gun that is currently in development. This firearm is called Mokrushin SMG. Besides the caliber (9x19mm), the name of the weapon and the three images that you can see in this article, no other information has been disclosed yet. However, we can still make some assumptions based on the appearance of this weapon system.

    Molot Prototype Mokrushin SMG (Pyotr Mokrushin)

    Pyotr Mokrushin (second from right) with other employees of Molot Oruzhie

    Pyotr Mokrushin, the creator of this weapon, is the head of Molot’s R&D department. In fact, this gentleman is the designer of many of the most interesting Molot weapons. While attending the Arms & Hunting 2018 exhibition held in Moscow in October of the current year, I had a chance to have a brief conversation with Mr. Mokrushin. We talked about the design features of new Molot products and I was really impressed with the level of knowledge and professionalism of this man.

    Molot Prototype Mokrushin SMG (2)

    As mentioned above, Mokrushin SMG is chambered in 9mm. I am pretty sure that the magazines shown in the images are 10-round Saiga-9 magazines made by PufGun. Apparently, the magazine is released via an AK-style lever. The safety selector lever is located on the right side of the lower receiver. The thin tubular stock of this SMG/PCC looks to have a folding mechanism.

    The overall layout of the gun consists of upper and lower receivers. The grip is probably borrowed from Vepr rifles. The charging handle is located on the left side of the upper receiver and it is obviously neither a reversible nor an ambidextrous one because there is no charging handle slot cut on the right side of the receiver.

    Molot Prototype Mokrushin SMG (3)

    As you can see, this SMG features top and bottom Picatinny rails on the upper receiver. The sides of the forearm are smooth. It would be interesting to know why didn’t they use M-LOK, KeyMod or Picatinny rail attachment provisions on the 3 and 9 o’clock positions. I think because this weapon is still in development, this might not be its final appearance.

    If you have noticed any other interesting features of Mokrushin SMG prototype, please let us know in the comments section.

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