POTD: Tikka Suomi Submachine Gun M31

    Tikka M31

    Over the years TFB’s POTD have gathered thousands of interesting images from around the world. In today’s Photo Of The Day, we’re going to look at a legendary Suomi M32 9mm submachine gun that had a vital role in Finland’s fighting against the Soviet Union.

    Tikka Suomi submachine gun M31

    The Suomi submachine gun was designed by Aimo Lahti in 1924. The gun was manufactured by Konepistooli Osakeyhtiö, which was established by Lahti, lieutenant Y. Koskinen, captain V. Korpela and lieutenant L. Boyer-Spoof, and which sold the manufacturing rights to the Tikkakoski gun factory in the early 1930s.
    About 81,000 units of the weapon were manufactured in the Tikkakoski gun factory between the years 1931 and 1945. In addition to that, licenced manufacturing took place in Sweden, Denmark and Switzerland for the army of the respective country.


    POTD: Tikka Suomi Submachine Gun M31

    You can find other legendary models (from the M31 up to the Tikka C19 Ranger Rifle) here: https://www.tikka.fi/legendary-models

    It would be interesting to know how many of those M31 have survived until this date.