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Smith Tactics ILLUMINATOR Battery-Powered Front Flip-Up Sight (1) ANR DESIGN ANVL UKON RMR Mount CSA Backup Rear Sight Mounted on Vz. 58 Stock Adapter (1) Ultradyne C4 and C4 Dynamount Backup Iron Sights (2)

M16A2E3 Experimental Rear Sight

Have you ever seen an M16 like this before? Look closely. Right below the detachable carry handle’s rear knob, there is a piece of metal on the side of the upper receiver. Weird right? Well it is actually an experimental rear folding sight. It folds down flat and [Read More…]

Walther Q5 Match

Use The Force, No Sight Shooting

My friend Jeff shared these pictures of someone he saw at a local range. The shooter is not function testing this rifle. He is actually trying to shoot for accuracy. A bit of a challenge when he does not have any sights on the AR. But he did tape a spare magazine to his [Read More…]